bendo screeches at his animation coworkers
bendo screeches at his animation coworkers

Wanted to take a stab at voicing the dancing demon before Chapter 2 possibly confirms his actual voice. As much as I think he’d sound like Yakko, that isn’t within my range, so I tried aiming for something resembling Snap based on this post.

First time adding vocal effects in Mixcraft, too!

Dialogue from these doodles by @doodledrawsthings

Brother - loop

My theory on what that mysterious recording is on Gerard Way’s song Brother is - it’s nothing more than a generic radio tuning audio loop from Mixcraft which has been doubled up in the recording but one’s been reversed. 

The first part of this is the raw loop with the reversed one playing over it 11- the second part of this is the opening and closing to the song where you can hear the recording most clearly. 

There might be other stuff in there - knowing Gerard Way and how he likes to mess with everyone’s heads, he could also have put in his own little message too, hidden deep down in the mix!! - but mostly, I think it’s all basic loops and our brains trying to hear something out what is basic static and noise. 

Thoughts? :) 

Blue Temmsday
Tem Order
Blue Temmsday

… I clearly have discovered a horrible, terrible, dark art that mankind was never meant to know. The same dark art that @tem-covers-nobody-wanted has mastered. And now I join them in their villainy. Fear me. Cower before me.

(original song is “Blue Monday” by New Order. Which obviously I would chose. Because of my obsession)


Running Downhill Mix…

A long one… 

The waves arrive
The Internet Is Our Only Friend
The waves arrive

Well I got bored and decided to make so more music on the program I have. This one sounded really nice so I decided to post it but soon I won’t be able to do this kind of stuff because my trial will be over and I don’t have the money to buy the program but oh well it was nice while it lasted. Also “The Internet Is Our Only Friend” is the name of my band sosososo yea. 

Nate Armstrong

{ Out of the Cage }

Story behind this: I was on James’ blog listening to the Lucifer x Gabriel playlist because I’m a dork and I got really sad and then I started mixing music…

So yeah just kinda enjoy Wordless.

Done in Acoustica Mixcraft 5.2
Time taken: approx. 30-60 minutes
Instruments: Piano, snare drum, bells, and a whurley

(Postscript: I blame the James mun for all the sad that happened whilst I was making this. Just as a FYI)

okay i said this a while ago but SERIOUSLY PLEASE


-Vocaloid (preferably non-RP but if it’s a really good one I’ll follow)

-UTAU (^^^ and not completely covers)


I probably won’t follow you if you reblog a LOT of random things ((i need to stop doing that.. hahahah orz))