Ava’s Demon is currently on top of the March Madness seeding round. 

After the seeding round, 128 will go on to the first round of the tournament, with the biggest getting the top seeds.

Seriously everyone, if you haven’t yet, vote for ava’s demon at:


Michelle really deserves the recognition and publicity that even just breaking into the first round would bring.

First round voting!!!!

Ava’s Demon placed first in the seeding round everyone!! That puts us at the top of the first bracket which is cool as hell because you barely even have to scroll  down the page. 

unfortunately, the way they’re doing votes now requires you to have facebook (which is absolute bullshit.) I made one just to vote and its a bit of a pain because they ask you to share,  but you can just say no. 

Our first competitor is “Will Save the World for Gold” which I’ve never heard about before. Some notable comics that I know of in our bracket are The Oatmeal, Questionable Content, Penny Arcade. All three of these are on Wikipedia's list of webcomics that bring in enough income to support their artists/authors, to give you a sense of their scale. 

Don’t let that deter you though, we’re the best damn webcomic fandom I’ve ever been proud to be a part of and I don’t have any doubt in my mind that we’re perfectly capable of winning. 

So everyone, please vote and encourage your followers to vote! 

inhuman made it to round 1!

inhuman’s up against shortpacked which i am 100% sure is also an excellent comic by a super nice creator. BUT. if you read inhuman and don’t read shortpacked, would you do me a solid and vote inhuman

the site is very slow right now, so be patient. and you can either vote with your facebook account or anonymously (by ticking the vote anonymously button and then the bar that says inhuman) and …uh that’s all i guess? OH! if you donate via that website to the hero initiative charity, every 10 cents counts as a vote for inhuman (provided you say that in your paypal note) which is also pretty rad cause you’re helping charity + voting me up.

i’m not sure when round 1 finishes, but yeah! i’m stoked!!