UpNorthTrips Presents Father MCs

1 - Temptations - Intro
2 - Slick Rick - It’s a Boy
3 - Ed OG - Be a Father To Your Child
4 - Big Krit - Rich Dad, Poor Dad (United Crates Remix)
5 - Asher Roth ft. Miguel - His Dream
6 - Atmosphere - Yesterday
7- Copywrite - June
8- The Game ft. Busta Rhymes - Like Father, Like Son
9 - Royce Da 5'9" ft. Amerie - Life
10 - Juelz Santana - Daddy
11 - Don Trip - Letter To My Son
12 - 2pac - Letter To My Unborn Son
13 - Nas - Daughters
14 - Jay Z ft. Blue Ivy - Glory
15 - NY OIL - Father

Bonus: Common ft. Lonnie Lynn - Pop’s Rap Pt 2

Mixed by: @UnitedCrates

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just recently rescued a dog from a shelter, and like many, he has separation anxiety. Do you have any advice? I can't even go to the bathroom without him freaking out. ( it's probably in your FAQs, but I'm on mobile and can't access them)

Congrats on the new pup! Desensitizing him little by little is the most useful way. It will take a while, but the long way is how dogs learn! Just leave him for small increments at a time, and return only when he is quiet. Depending on how severe it is, it could take a while… but returning when he is freaking out will only reaffirm that freaking out brings you back! So don’t leave that bathroom until he is quiet, and when he is quiet you can praise him. It is important to praise immediately so he knows what you mean. If you wait too long, he might start up again or you could give him mixed signals. Crating him is also a safe way to practice this. Good luck!

The Roots: From Trees To Branches [Mixed by @UNITEDCRATES]

Today marks nineteen years since the release of their sophmore album, Do You Want More?!!? Over the last two decades we’ve seen  The Roots grow from small stage shows & open mics in the streets of Philly all the way to headlining their own festival & the Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon.  

As they proceeded to continue to rock the mic, their impact to Hip-Hop was immediate. From the jump, they displayed an expertly mixed combination of lyricism and live musicianship which amazed fans and influenced their peers alike.

We hope today’s reminiscent reflection and tribute of Hip-Hop’s greatest live rap band will help you understand the complexity of seeds planted by The Roots.

Thank You Philly.

Words & Mix by @UNITEDCRATES

Jamie xx And The Value of Other People’s Music

“It was all about the turntables,” recollects Jamie xx of discovering DJing. “I was obsessed with the technology — they seemed so weird compared with everything else that was going on growing up. My uncle gave me his old ones when I was about ten.” Two house records and a bedroom tutorial later, the ten year-old was mixing.

Read @raspberryjones on crate-digging with the young DJ.

anonymous asked:

what do you think robbie smells like?

You know that semi-sweet smell that you often notice when you enter a candy store? The sweet mixed with old crates and boxes smell? I think that’s what he smells like.