mix&match leggings



So I guess we’re trying to move! I hate moving and my job is terrible! But in the long run it’s going to save me money, so I’ll grudgingly accept. I just need a lot more money to do so.

Let me make you some pixel stuff!! Priced to move! I don’t do furries (Not confident drawing them yet!) but humans, aliens, fantrolls… hit me up. ;3


  • Standard come with a blink cycle (center example), talk cycle (last example), and a talk + blink.
  • I’ll throw in 2 free extra static expressions by request, as well as the .sai or .psd if you’d like.
  • $10 for a standard sprite; $1 for 2 additional static expressions (beyond the 2 free ones!).


  • Think of them as Feastings sprites 2.0. I work off my own base, and can mix and match arms and legs so you can choose a pose to your liking.

Complex dolls:

  • Same style as regular dolls, but more complex poses.
  • Simple animations (bouncing, blinking, etc) available! Just ask and I’ll see what I can do!

For sprites I’ll lay down a base sketch and get your input, then I’ll begin. I can work with written descriptions, though the sketch may take longer so we can get your oc to look right!

Dolls are the same general idea, and I’ll show you a few examples of my previous ones so you can decide what kind of pose you’d like! For more complex dolls I’d like a pose reference.

In any case, I’d like to accept payment before I begin lineart! You’re welcome to send payment at any time before that if you so choose.

And that’s about it! My turnaround time is pretty fast when I’m off work and dealing with my own sprites (maybe five hours on a talksprite, when distracted); I wouldn’t expect MUCH of a change as long as communication is good. If anything comes up I will absolutely drop you a message.

If you’re feeling generous but don’t need art (though I’d prefer to make you something!!), there’s a paypal me link in my profile. :’D But even if you can’t spare some cash, give me a reblog?

Thanks for reading! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。