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Instrument headcanons
  • <p> <b>Jess:</b> is the kind of person who wants to be able to play an instrument so badly, but she lacks the patience and attention span to make it work. You will find in her family's attic a guitar, a ukulele, an old casio keyboard. Yet, the only instrument she's ever managed to learn more than two songs on is the recorder, and that's only because it was required in pre-school. She rocks Three Blind Mice<p/><b>Emily:</b> can full on play the violin. Her parents wanted her to play starting from around age six. They had her choose between Cello, Violin, Clarinet or the flute. Emily thought violin was the least ebarassing. At first she would only learn the classical pieces that her tutor would give her, but she soon learned how good some of her favourite pop songs sounded on strings. Her party trick now is playing a violin version of Roar by Katy Perry<p/><b>Matt:</b> never really had any desire to learn to lay an instrument, like Jess, he only ever managed the recorder because school made him. He's completely forgoteen everything he knew<p/><b>Sam:</b> took up piano in 9th grade, specifically during winter when it got too cold to go outside during recess. She, Hannah and Beth would sit in a quiet music room and she got into the habbit of tinkering away on the keys. One day, she went away and found some simple music online and took it into school to try and play.<p/><b>Ashley:</b> asked to learn piano. Her parents said she could start lessons as a 10th birthday present. she dove right in adn excelled in her classes. during her free time and school holidays, she would compose little pieces of music for her favourite books. after she and Sam became friends, she helped Sam with the theory of music, the reading and the writing. When the gang get together at christmas they play carol duets. at parties, if you get her to drink tequila she'll ba g out such classics as Don't Stop Believin and Piano Man. Incredibly enthusiastically<p/><b>Mike:</b> can play guitar. very well. he can do indie, punk rock, folk, you name it. He's a big fan of acoustic music and whenever he gets drunk he always ends up playing corny country songs. His favourites are Dolly Parton and early Taylor Swift. Once, on a night out with the guys he got so drunk, he insisted they get a cab to his house to get his guitar, then get a second cab to Jess's house so he could stand outside her window and play Love Story. In full support Chris, Matt and Josh provided drunken backing vocals.<p/><b>Chris:</b> (I mentioned this in my music star post) is very good at replicating music on phones. He can use dial tones and buttons sounds to play stuff like the Star Wars theme, Mario Bros., Harry Potter etc. He's also known to mix old Windows software sounds to make original compositions [Edit] I forgot to mention how Chris plays the melodica and the theramin. His starter piece for every new instrument is the Jurassic Park song.<p/><b>Josh:</b> can kind of(?) play guitar. He mostly learned so that at parties he can gather everyone round under the notion that he'll play some beautiful acoustic piece and yet he just goes straight in with Wonderwall. Among others. He's been known to play Rockstar by Nickelback, American Pie and Tenacious D's Tribute<p/></p>
The Murder Squash Song

Disclaimer: I have no idea how music, beats, or music software works. I recorded half of this on my phone and messed around for like four hours with some free mixing software and this was the closest semblance to “music” I could get. 


Pick up your baseball bat - Thwack! Whack! C’mon, more!
Craniums, watermelons, pumpkins, and gourds:
All of them SMASH when you throw ‘em on the floor!

Is it cantaloupe or brains all scooped out on your plate?
There’s nothing quite so smashing as a good and thorough thrashing, so -
Lay ‘em out! Crush a head! It’s not murder ‘til they’re DEAD!

Nothing’s quite so boring as a person who’s alive!
Everyone likes party games, so hang piñatas – spill their brains!
Jack be noble, grab a stick; it’s a party, make ‘em sick!

Balloons popping; bodies dropping; have you ever had such fun?
Bang, squish, crack, crunch – squeeze some eyeballs in the punch!
Don’t get woozy, nothing’s wrong! It’s all part of the Murder Squash Song!

(credit to maggie-stiefvater for the opening lines)

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okay but what if all the undertale characters/aus sang this?

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writes out a lazy thing and plans to record it later and gives u lyrics under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Ask you anything, huh... then, if you were an anime character, what colors would your hair and eyes be? Exact hex codes, please.

uh, i’d be a crow. duh. a six winged eldritch crow

i’d be like, the monster of the anime. the antagonist. the antacrownist

i’d like, insert a meme here but i don’t have access to them ugh. Or any of my drawing software to mix up a doodle for you :(

I’ve drawn six winged crows for redbubble though so here’s a link the the first, and here’s a link to the second if you want to reference.

If you want a more serious answer, this one’s actually a sneaky self portrait. If you really want you can probably eyedropper out the colours i used somehow


Aca-Wedding: Chapter 4

Summary: Two years since graduation, the Trebles and Bellas are reunited again in Tasmania for the aca-wedding they never thought would happen and let’s just say a lot has changed, and yet maybe everything is still the same.

[1] [2] [3] FF.NET Link coming soon.

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i’m so mad right now because taylor swift’s “out of the woods” and fefe dobson’s “can’t breathe” have like (i think) the same tempo, rhythm and theme and if they were mixed together they would sound like a beautifully tragic lesbian ballad but i don’t know/have the right software to mix them does anyone out there know how to do this that is not musically challenged like me help i just want the gays

For-Profit Health Care BUSTED For Fraud in Florida

Julie Creswell & Reed Abelson of the New York Times:

“This month, the Justice Department said it had joined eight separate whistle-blower lawsuitsagainst [Health Management Associates, a for-profit hospital chain based in Naples, Fla.,] in six states. The lawsuits describe a wide-ranging strategy that is said to have relied on a mix of sophisticated software systems, financial incentives and threats in an attempt to inflate the company’s payments from Medicare and Medicaid…. The accusations reach all the way to the former chief executive’s office, whom many of the whistle-blowers point to as driving the strategy.”

I am totally shocked that a Florida-based for-profit hospital conglomerate would engage in Medicaid & Medicare fraud