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I still can’t believe those two were separated… I have a lot of feelings about S4 that I need to purge! Song (x)

I’m a Korean heritage speaker and was more fluent in Korean than English as a child. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to visit Korea for several years and have been finding it harder to think and speak in Korean and I just realized a unique challenge for me is, thanks to linguistic imperialism, almost all of my family members who I used to speak strictly Korean with are now near-fluent English speakers. What’s even more upsetting is that so many native Korean words are being replaced with English to the extent that when you say Asian person, you can say 아시아 사람 (literally A-see-ya or Asia and then the Korean word for person) and basically everyone will know what you mean, even though there are other native Korean synonyms.

Linguistic imperialism is scary–it is stealing my mother tongue but scarier still is that entire generations are being raised bilingually. Korean children (and many others around the world) are being raised speaking Korean and English and while you might assume the more languages the better, having entire generations be raised with the expectation of speaking English necessarily conditions them to value Western culture and language at the expense of their own and warps their unique cultural modes of thinking and communicating. 

It always annoys me when white people kind of talk down to Japanese-Americans and diaspora bc they “know more” about Japan than whomever they’re talking to. Like congratulations on knowing more than me brad bc my grandma had to assimilate while u watched anime and decided to read 80 wiki articles and appropriate Japanese dress and traditions. Well done

YG can shut the fuck up already

I can’t put it into words that once again how utterly disgusted and done I am with YG. He goes around acting like everyone is below him and keeps talking shit without giving any constructive criticism. I was so mad during mix nine all the time but his behavior towards loona really was the last straw. He kept insulting the girls’ abilities and concept when LOONA as a gg that has not officially debuted yet has more songs then half of his current artists and one of the most unique group concepts kpop has yet seen. You literally let your artists rot and beg for a comeback, don’t give them a proper discography, send them to other countries whenever you feel like it, make them recycle concepts, treat them like they are disponsible trash yet you have the nerve to act all mighty and go at young girls who are literally shaking in front of you from the anxiety you cause. So please shut the fuck up already and go rot somewhere because I’m so done with your bullshit

Arya rolled headfirst into the tunnel and dropped five feet. She got dirt in her mouth but she didn’t care, the taste was fine, the taste was mud and water and worms and life. Under the earth the air was cool and dark. Above was nothing but blood and roaring red and choking smoke and the screams of dying horses. She moved her belt around so Needle would not be in her way, and began to crawl. A dozen feet down the tunnel she heard the sound, like the roar of some monstrous beast, and a cloud of hot smoke and black dust came billowing up behind her, smelling of hell. Arya held her breath and kissed the mud on the floor of the tunnel and cried. For whom, she could not say. (ACOK)

this is one of my favorite passages. im obsessed with the descriptions. the “cool dark” air of the tunnel intensely contrasts the air of the battle that is full of blood and smoke and “roaring red” she goes from an aggressive, harsh, and frightening environment to something almost peaceful and safe despite being in the mud, literally. 

when arya falls into the earth she gets a mouthful of dirt but associates it with water and life. the tunnels represent an idea grrm often uses in asoiaf that dark scary places beneath the earth (the crypts, the childrens hideaway, the hollow hill ect) can be used as a shelter. and this is very much the case for arya here. under the ground she finds protection from the fiery battle above. (similarly her brothers hide in the crypts when winterfell is burned)  it might be dark and dirty but thats where things grow.

in the end all arya can do is press her face into the muddy earth and cry. she doesn’t even know who to cry for. herself and her lost childhood? the old men she felt sorry for before killing? the boy she saw laying with his arm cut of? the men begging for mercy? the crying toddler she wouldnt leave behind? she’s ten years old and she’s just been forced to fight and kill for her own life in a war. she didn’t want to kill those men. i suspect most of them didn’t truly want to kill her either. soldiers dont make the wars they just fight in them. nothing about it is easy or badass. its traumatizing and scary and very real. 


I want to give a shout out

to all the mixed race kids.

To all the kids who are always seen as the “other.”

To all the kids who are only allowed to fill one race bubble on the Scan-Tron test or fail for not following directions.

To all the kids who are asked which race doll they want and feel like they’re being asked to chose between parents.

To all the kids who aren’t “enough” of one racial group to be accepted into the whole.

To all the kids who are still trying to earn that acceptance.

To all the kids who’ve given up.

To all the kids who don’t fit either culture’s standards of beauty.

To all the kids who look for mixed-race characters on television, but find what little representation there is is by semi-human and non-human characters.

To all the kids who’ve dealt with people guessing their race wrong.

To all the kids who are expected to represent cultures that have rejected them.

To all the kids who struggle with people assuming they’re much younger than they really are, because no one knows what “you’re kind is supposed to look like.”

To all the kids who’ve been called ‘mutts’ or ‘mixed breed’ and compared to dogs, horses, and mules.

To all the kids who feel pressured to be beautiful because “no one’s ever seen an ugly mixed kid.”

To all the kids who’ve been told that someone else understands because their great-great grandmother was some sort of Indian.

To all the kids who stand out at their family reunions.

To all the kids who’s families don’t accept biracial marriages.

To all the kids who’ve been told that mixed race couples are an abomination.

To all the kids who’ve been told that it is genetically impossible for different races to have a biological child together.

To all the kids who’ve been asked inappropriate questions about their bodies.

To all the kids who don’t have an appreciation week, awareness day, or history month.

To all the kids who are only ‘claimed’ by a culture when they’re successful or famous.

To all the kids who are assumed to be adopted because they don’t look like their parents.

To all the kids who’s racial background was denied because they only look like one parent.

To all the kids who’ve been mistaken for dating their siblings.

To all the kids who stick out where ever they go.

To all the kids who’ve been accused of being uncultured for not having a detailed understanding of their own races.

To all the kids who listen to mono-racial people bicker about which mono-racial talents should play the few multiracial characters out there.

I know.

I hate the correlation between looks and race/ethnicity. Like you’re not allowed to be mixed unless you look like a perfect blend of white and nonwhite. You aren’t supposed to take part in your culture and heritage if you don’t look a certain way. I hate that people think it’s okay to insult your heritage and people just because you’re white-passing, like that somehow separates you from “them”. Or that if you’re not white-passing, you’re only allowed to claim the part of you that isn’t white. I hate how we police people and their heritage based on how they look and we keep telling mixed people that they’re only mixed if they fit the right mold.

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Dick is a rape survivor?! I have never heard about it! (I'm mostly into the Wonder Woman comics, so I don't know much about other things…) Could you elaborate, if it is not too much bother?

(In reference to this post.)

Nah, it’s no bother!

Technically, it’s actually happened twice, sadly enough.

The first time was in New Titans in the 90′s (after the comic had started really going off the rails, basically). One of Dick’s teammates at that time was a shape-shifter named Mirage, who took the form of Dick’s girlfriend Kory and impersonated her for a short period of time:

Dick (as seen here) didn’t find out about what had happened until days later, by which point he and the fake Kory had already slept together. 

Now, this is really stupid writing because I don’t believe for a second that Dick, who (a) had been with Kory for years at this point, and (b) is a detective trained by Batman, wouldn’t have picked up the difference or at least gotten suspicious. But be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that Dick thought he was sleeping with his girlfriend but was actually sleeping with someone else without his knowledge or consent, which makes this rape. 

And the way the comic handled this was… really freaking terrible, to be blunt. There was no acknowledgement that Dick was a victim here and had been taken advantage of, and Kory basically acted like he’d cheated on her:

Yikes. Oh, and Dick’s other teammate Pantha called him a “slut” for what had happened:

(Also note Mirage’s complete and utter lack of remorse for what she did. Jesus.)

So this storyline was basically one huge mess all around, notable for terrible writing of Dick, Kory, and basically every character involved, as well as Dick being victim-blamed and called a slut for having been raped. Lovely.

Unfortunately, the next time rape was brought up in Dick’s story wasn’t any better.

This was during Devin Grayson’s Nightwing run, in 2004. I think it’s the more well-known of these stories, and probably what most people are referring to when they talk about Dick having been raped.

To make a long story short, the villain Blockbuster was trying to destroy Dick’s life at that time, threatening to kill everyone he loved, and among other things had just burned down Haly’s Circus, so Dick was in a really bad place. Dick and a vigilante named Tarantula confronted Blockbuster, and Tarantula told Dick to step aside so she could kill Blockbuster, which he did.

Dick as overwhelmed with guilt about this and basically went into a huge freakout over it:

Then Tarantula comes up to “comfort” Dick, and this happens:

The original script of this scene referred to this as a rape, though Devin Grayson (the writer of the scene) subsequently made the controversial statement that “I’ve never used the word ‘rape,’ I just said it was nonconsensual.” (A nonsensical statement since the definition of rape is nonconsensual sex, but I suppose it made sense in her head.) It wasn’t until last year that she officially admitted it had been rape and apologized for how she’d handled the story, explaining that “I used a literal rape as a metaphorical nadir, and I know better. Or, at least, I should have known better and certainly do now.”

Which… you know, sure, whatever. I’m glad she admitted it was rape and apologized, although that interview is still full of some really problematic statements about Dick and Tarantula’s “relationship” and how it was apparently a betrayal of Barbara, so I’m not entirely sure Ms. Grayson has learned her lesson.

The bottom line is that while I’m not necessarily against using rape as a plot in comics, both of these stories are absolute debacles when it comes to handling such an important and sensitive issue. In both cases, the word “rape” is never used in-story, and Dick is never allowed to express the trauma he went through and work through it (the Tarantula story deals with his trauma over the death of Blockbuster and so on, but not specifically with the rape.) More troublingly still, in both cases Dick is implicitly or explicitly blamed for his own assault, instead of being acknowledged as the victim and supported.

This is why I take such a strong issue with the way Grayson portrays Dick being sexually violated (which is what it is when people take nude or partially-nude photos of you without your consent and then plan to steal your underwear) or sexualized without his consent as something that should be seen as funny, progressive, or empowering to women. That should never be okay in any case, but especially not when you look at the history of Dick’s character and the way he’s been both sexually assaulted and then victim-blamed for it.

if i hear the term ‘special snowflake generation’ one more time i might actually scream

Valentines: Saeyoung

A/N: ffs you guys im ready to sleep for days lets have a cuddle/sleep party right here and now bring all the plushies, thank you ~Admin 404

He’s very excited but also very confused by Valentine’s day.

Since he met you, he’s shown you how much he loves you every single day!!!

Okay well once he got past the whole “stay away from me I’m dangerous” portion of it all he was extremely loving. Never once left you wondering just where you stood with him. Since he’s so open about his love, what is the need of celebrating this holiday? He gives you silly presents all the time! Whatever you want, he’s gotten it for you! So why bother with Valentine’s Day?

But, on the other hand!! He’s very excited that he now has someone special in his life he can celebrate with! He can spoil the one he loves and get spoiled right back! Not to mention, he now has his brother back! Can he celebrate brotherly love on this holiday as well?

He had no ideas what to do for you though. He wants it to be special, and fun! But he also wants to do something for his brother. Is he allowed to combine the two? Would either of you mind? Is it wrong of him to do that? HE JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THE RULES WERE!

After searching everywhere on the internet, he still had no clue what was okay and what wasn’t okay to do for Valentine’s Day. How could the internet let him down like this?! He’s spent days trying to think of something for all three of you.

One day, he’s gotten so frustrated that he’s slammed his head against his desk repeatedly for a solid 5 minutes. Vanderwood came in to the sound of banging and stood with their arms crossed, watching as the younger man smacked his head against the table.

“As much as I’m loving this, what is your problem?” they asked, watching as the red head shot up, pushing his chair away from the desk.

“I!! HAVE RESEARCHED!! FOR DAYS!! AND I STILL HAVE NO ANSWERS!” he complained, stomping his foot like a child. Vanderwood raised an eyebrow, questioning his temper tantrum.

“Answers foooor…? What, exactly?” they asked, as Saeyoung threw his hands in the air in a huff.

“For what to do for Valentine’s Day! What to do for both MC AND Saeran! What am I supposed to do?!” the pitch of his voice rising with each word he spoke, running his hands through his hair. “I want it to be special for the both of them!! But also I don’t want it to get awkward or creepy either!! All the ideas I’ve seen online are romantic which I mean is great for MC but what about Saeran? What am I supposed to do for him?!”

“I’m pretty sure your brother is fine without celebrating Valentine’s Day with you,” they threw at him, throwing their hip out to the side. “It’s more of a romantic thing anyway, isn’t it? Why bother trying to do something for your brother then? That’s just weird.”

“I have to show Saeran I love him too!!! Strong brotherly love!!!” he sighed before sitting back down in his chair, leaning his chin in his hand. “I just want to spend every holiday with the two of them! Holidays are for the people you love, and I love the both of them very much.” He looked at his mouse, staring off into space. Too many thoughts were running through his head at once, he couldn’t focus on anything, let alone listen to whatever Vanderwood was telling him.

“Hello?? I’m talking to you!” they shouted at him. They tried to snap their fingers by his ear, but when they realized that wasn’t working, they smack him up-side the head. “Hey!! Will you listen to me when I’m talking to you!?”

“Hm? Oh, Vanderwood, what did you say?” he looked at them from the corner of his eye. He was only half listening to them, so he didn’t bother to make any effort to turn to them.

“I said, why don’t you all go and do something together like at an amusement park, or the beach, or hell, even something cliché like a picnic in the park?” they suggested. “You could all just spend some time together, then later on in the night you can spend some alone time with MC, make it romantic.”

“That’s…..actually a good idea! Yeah! I’ll plan like a day trip sort of thing!” he declared, jumping from his seat a second time. “I’ll plan something all of us will love! Maybe I’ll gear it a little towards Saeran, then I’ll spend the rest of the night romantically with MC…. Yes! That should work!” he turned Vanderwood around and began pushing him out of the room. “You gotta go! I have planning to do! I have to think! Go go go!” he called before slamming and locking the door behind him.

The rest of the day was thinking and planning everything. Where to go, what to do, and what to do later on, for you! He even waited until both you and Saeran were asleep and packed over night bags for the three of you.

He risked his life waking up Saeran the next morning. He was able to coax him into the backseat of one of his babies, wrapped up in a blanket, asleep across the seats. Waking you up and getting you dressed was way easier! You tried to tell him “Happy Valentine’s Day” when you sat up but he refused to let you? You tried again, thinking maybe he was just too excited to let you speak, but he covered your mouth- making it fairly obvious he didn’t want you to say it yet. So, you went along with his antics, knowing that it would more than likely turn into a great time.

The three of you were on the road in less than an hour, Saeyoung cranking the radio up, the two of you singing along terribly, and Saeran cussing the both of you out the entire ride.

“PLEASE. PLEASE TELL ME WE’RE ALMOST THERE. I CAN’T TAKE THE TWO OF YOU ANYMORE. NO! DON’T TURN IT UP! HEY- I’M TALKING TO THE BOTH OF YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Saeran started screaming at the top of his lungs, as the both of you sang at the top of yours. After hours in the car, you look around to see snow all around you outside. You turn to look at Saeyoung, who’s trying to stifle a laugh because Saeran was sitting in the backseat with wide eyes, and his face practically against the window.

The moment Saeyoung parks in front of a cute, homey looking cabin, Saeran practically rolls out of the back seat while his brother shoots out of the front seat, not bothering to shut the door. You calmly get out, and watch as the twins already started building snow forts, throwing hastily made snowballs towards each other’s faces.

“Um, you guys? Maybe you should bundle up in warmer clothes before getting too into your game? You don’t want to get sick!” You called out, laughing at how their faces went from determination to a pout, both grumbling as they walk back towards the car. “Wait, do we even have warm clothes? I didn’t pack a bag because ssoommeeoonnee didn’t tell me what their plans were,” you sassed, raising an eyebrow towards your boyfriend.

“Hey hey hey, I came prepared!” he defended, opening the trunk of his car, “I packed overnight bags for all three of us!” He dished out the backpacks before grabbing the keys to the cabin, leading you all inside. With bags haphazardly thrown into their respective bedrooms, and everyone bundled up in winter coats, scarves, and gloves, you sit on the porch, watching as the brothers resumed their snowball war.

You knew how much it meant to Saeyoung to spend any and every holiday he could with his brother, so it didn’t bother you that he was in the snow with him. You enjoyed your time watching the two of them, keeping score, and being the referee- calling one or the other out when they play dirty. But you never let them figure out that you were the one throwing a few when they least expect it.

Hours went by, and once the sun went down, Saeran is asleep on the couch, and Saeyoung is coaxing you back into the car. He drives to a drop off high on the mountain, and lays a few blankets over the hood of his car. Once the both of you are cuddling close on top of the car, there’s only silence between the two of you while you watched the night sky. Shooting stars flew by constantly, and he kissed your forehead every single time he saw one.

“MC, I’m sorry I didn’t take much of a romantic route this Valentine’s day. It.. well it was my first one so I wasn’t sure what to do, but I also didn’t want to leave Saeran out of it completely, you know? I just wanted all of us to enjoy our day as a mini vacation and celebrate our love for each other collectively,” he whispered against your forehead, pulling you closer as he gets further into his explanation. “But I’m hoping laying here, in my favourite spot- the one I used to run to every time work got too tough or I couldn’t handle my feelings- the one place that meant the most to me, is romantic enough for you.”

Your heart almost jumped out of your chest, and when you pulled away to look at his face, you could tell how sincere his words were. One hand on his cheek and one tangled together with his, you pull his face back to yours, capturing his lips in a soft kiss.

“You said it meant a lot to you.. why? And why did you say ‘meant’ like it was in the past?” you asked him once you pulled away, and you watched him smile down at you.

“It’s always got fresh air up here, makes it easier to think. You can see the stars perfectly at night up here too, lots of shooting ones, great for making wishes. But now I have you and Saeran, I don’t need to wish on them anymore. Wherever you are is my new favourite place,” he said, giving you the biggest, sweetest smile he could. He may be a big goof but he’s such a sweetheart and you couldn’t help but bring him in for another kiss. Then another, then another. After a while, he pulled away from you and looked you dead in the eye, a thick layer of seriousness flooded his face.

“MC, do you think the aliens can get us up here? Hey what are you- Hey!! Don’t push me off of the car! MC! It’s cold! Let me back into the blanket please I’m sorry! I won’t ruin the moment again!”

Ya know…not all mixed people are half white and half black. Sometimes white isn’t a part of it at all. Sometimes mixed people can’t/don’t want their race quantified in distinct boxes and terms (half, quarter, eighth, etc.) sometimes mixed people are Hispanic and black. Sometimes they’re Asian and Native American. Sometimes they’re not ‘half and half’ sometimes they’re a makeup of three or more different races. Sometimes they’re more one race than another. Sometimes they look like a 'perfect blend’ of races and have corkscrew curls and tan skin and light eyes and sometimes they’re whitepassing and sometimes they look nonwhite and monoracial but none of this changes the fact that they’re mixed. Like, it’s good that we’re talking about mixed race people and problems but a lot of the time it feels like people forget that we don’t all come from a cookie cutter mold or that people think our appearance somehow changes the fact that we’re mixed, know what I’m saying??

Stop!!! Telling!!! Me!!! To!!!! Teach!!! My!!! Daughter!! To!! Hate!!! Her!! Brown!!! Features!!!!!!!

Yes! She has a lot of body and facial hair! No! I won’t teach her that she needs to shave and wax!
Yes! She will tan easily! No! I won’t keep her from going outside so she doesn’t get “too dark”!
Yes! She will have coarse curly hair!! No!!! I will not force her to relax it or constantly straighten it!!
White and nonblack mothers: if your child is mixed, you have a responsibility to them to honor and take care and nurture their brown and black bodies. It is vital. Teach your children, ESPECIALLY YOUR DAUGHTERS, radical self love.
The cycle of racism and colorism can be combated with you. You can affect society, one mixed baby at a time. It is your duty as a mother.

I’m proud of my heritage, but I’m not obligated to identify my ethnic background to you just because you demanded it. Especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever spoken to me or it’s not pertinent to any discussion we are having at the moment.

I have so many other identities than just my ethnicity. I’m a Hong Konger, a Texan, and Mizzou Tiger, and an American abroad. I’m a music lover, a photographer, an older sister, a dog owner, and so much more beyond that. But most strangers only seem to care about labeling me as Chinese-Caucasian mix and leaving it at that.

Also, I don’t give a fuck about your last girlfriend also being Chinese, or how much you love orange chicken.

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Idk if it's me or it is that I notice that white-mixed Asian people (esp. the ones in the media) are more praised & celebrated b/c of their Eurocentric features & the fact that being half-white? I'm in no way trying to harm them, it's that I see them as if they're superior & more attractive compared to Asian people who don't look like them (even if Asian (like full-blooded people) who are pale don't have Eurocentric features)

The media definitely praises white-mixed Asian people whether they’re whitepassing or not. Media has an unrelenting obsession with whiteness, Eurocentric beauty standards, and trying to appeal to strictly white audiences. This is part of the reason why dark-skinned people are photoshopped to be lighter but that’s a convo for another day.

Back to the topic though, I’ll admit that I’ve had my biases against Asian folks mixed with white too. Still do sometimes. Through my experience, a lot of Asian folks mixed with white are cocky and think they’re better than monoracial Asian people. They’re able to easily toss aside their Asian side and side with other groups against Asian folks as if they weren’t Asian themselves. Then when something major happens, they suddenly want to embrace being Asian.

This was one of my biggest factors for developing my bias against them, which is similar to yours. So whenever I saw Asian folks mixed with white talk about being “excluded” from the Asian community, my experience told me that it wasn’t us that was excluding them, they were willingly excluding themselves because of their egos. And some of them do. We both know it from our experiences.

But at the same time, my or your experiences aren’t the same everywhere. There are many Asian folks mixed with white that are excluded from the Asian community, that do face prejudice from their Asian side AND racism from their white side. It’s not like their lives are a breeze because they’re mixed with white. A lot of monoracial Asian folks have racial identity crises but those mixed with white, I feel like some of theirs are worse sometimes.

The more I engage with Asian folks mixed with white and read more of their personal experiences, the more I begin to understand that the perspective I originally had wasn’t the whole picture. Sure, there are some douchebaggy folks like your encounter with the girl from the cool kids group or whoever else and whatnot, but it would be wrong to think they’re representative of all or most Asian folks mixed with white.

And another major issue is the whitepassing thing. A lot of monoracial Asian folks don’t like whitepassing Asian people because they “look white.” So whenever we hear about someone that is mixed with white, we get this false perception or make the assumption that they’re all whitepassing and then exclude them. Many aren’t though. Those that aren’t whitepassing face similar, if not the same racism and prejudices that us monoracial Asian folks face because they don’t have “white features” nor “look white.” And many direct forms of racism or prejudice are heavily based on looks.

As for whitepassing Asian folks, I’ll admit that the Asian community and especially I have to do a lot better at including, accepting, embracing, and understanding them but at the same time, they need to check their damn privileges. It’s very damn difficult trying to embrace whitepassing Asian people that change their last names, change their looks, side with white people, and do everything they can to be strictly white. If being Asian isn’t good enough for you, then don’t blame the rest of us for ignoring (or excluding) you.

We’ve admitted our biases, we’ve admitted we’re trying to learn, but you nor I nor anyone else should ever have to apologize to those that think they can leave the Asian community then come back whenever they feel like it.

Angry Asian Guy


• Don’t use the terms “mixed” or “biracial” without specification if you just mean black/white mixes.
• Not everyone mixed with black is also mixed with white.
• Not everyone mixed in general is mixed with white.
• Mixed race people aren’t always “at war with themselves”.

Thank you.

see star trek really only addressed half human mixed race people and i’m over here like…

i want a vulcan-batazoid counselor who is like conceal don’t feel but feels literally everything and wants to help people but struggles with the strength of vulcan emotions, on top of everyone else’s.

i want a vulcan-denobulan struggling through dating - who was raised in both cultures and is unsure whether they want a completely monogamous marriage bond or a polyamorous house full of complicated family ties and a lot of love

i want a klingon-betazoid warrior, using the thoughts of others to their advantage during battle

i want a klingon-bajoran freedom fighter, struggling between what needs to be done and what the honor they were raised on dictates

i want a cardassian-romulan spy, because honestly that would just be cool

i want a romulan-vulcan starfleet officer, met with distrust no matter how logical they are or how many times they renounce the romulan star empire

like damn the universe deserved more mixed race people than ziyal and ziyal deserved better than what she got tbh they could have explored her child of two worlds feelings so much more.