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in my universe, you can choose to download into a "perfect" custom robot body, and reading about peoples ideas of trans robots i was like !!!!! cause downloading into a custom body of your choice sounds perfect for people who want to transition?? !!!!!

my friends and i talk a lot about how much better things would be if we had robot bodies

dont want that part? take it off. want that part? put it on. your friend wants this part but you dont? swap em out. mix and match until youre happy

and then also lasers???? fucking ideal???

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How dare you Nikko doesn't belong to you he was clearly made by missladytale you little lying bitch and she is always okay with us fanshipping her characters . Who are you anyway ? Nobody important and you're characters are so ugly and weird mix matched things leave Sofua alone and stop stealing her characters.

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hhh do i even want to respond to this i just it speaks for itself also wow just wow i  dont  even want to bother answering this but i will anyway first of all i made Nikko for Kayde  and i honestly dont think explaining will work here most likely you will listen to @missladytale herself i dont even know anymore help me people i dont even know anymore HOW DID I STEAL MY OWN CHILD ! im so confused 

okay it’s time to talk about iron fucking fist

so, my friends, it may come as no shock that i like marvel shit. it’s cool. it’s fun. some of the actors are pretty-looking and i like that. 

oh but iron fist. 

oh iron fist. 

why you do dis?

i couldn’t make it past the first ten seconds of iron fist because i accidentally scrolled over to the “more episodes” tab and saw the names of the episodes. 

snow gives way 

shadow hawk takes flight 

rolling thunder cannon punch 

eight diagram dragon palm 

under leaf pluck lotus 

immortal emerges from cave 

felling tree with roots 

the blessing of many fractures 

the mistress of all agonies 

black tiger steals heart 

lead horse back to stable 

bar the big boss 

dragon plays with fire 

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MARVEL ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID? your show is about a rich white boy named fucking danny and one of your episodes is called “eight diagram dragon palm?” so let me just get this straight, marvel: you can mix and match elements of different asian cultures just for exotic flare, cast a white guy as the lead in what is essentially a pulpy kung fu hero story, shove asian characters to the side in all your other stuff, but you can’t just MAKE THE TITLES OF THE EPISODES NORMAL?!?!?!? are you actually kidding me. like, okay, jessica jones gets badass, cool girl episode names like “aka top shelf perverts” or “aka sin bin.” COOOOL. but danny FUCKING rand, tightest of the whitest, gets “black tiger steals heart?” 

that is too much. no way. i’m out. i’m not watching iron fist, i’m not watching defenders. 

from a real life asian person with parents that come from china and the middle name “huei,” i sincerely beg you to CUT THIS SHIT OUT. jesus christ, every fucking year with you guys. it’s so disgusting and flagrantly irresponsible. 

you think you’re SO liberal because you care about black panther now, yeah, okay, call me when it’s not the 70s anymore.  


I made up some palettes from pictures and I wanted to use them on these partner portraits. I just want to ask which combination looks best together? The first row are palettes made for each other, the 2nd is mix and match and 3rd has alternate colors of Clown Prince (More purple!)

Alternately, you can suggest a different combination.
I’m really indecisive, kinda want to paint this soon. :0

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S DIOR - models: Fernanda Ly & Lineisy Montego - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - designer: Maria Grazia Chiuri - styling: Tonne Goodman - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mark Carrasquillo - Vogue December 2016


UPTOWN SOUL - models: Shaman Edwards & Lane Timberlake - photography: Stas Komarovski - fashion editor / styling: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Edward Lampley - makeup: Candle Komarovski - casting director: David Chen - manicure: Eri Handa - Interview October 2016

featured designers: Miu Miu - Prada - Hillier Bartley - Maison Marginal - Dries Van Noten - 3.1 Philip Lim - Gucci -  Chloe - Loewe - Coach - Chanel - (mixed with vintage pieces)


“Bobby hyung purposely teases me on broadcast but he is usually friendly. He says “This is delicious so eat it!” and gives it away to me or when we’re all playing a game, he lets me do it first or when choosing delivery food, he lets me choose what I like.” - Chanwoo

Bobby’s Birthday Countdown → D-1

↳ Bobby + maknae line

SQUAD GOALS - photographer: Steven Klein - stylist: Edward Enninful - hair: Shon - Makeup: Pat McGrath - nails: Honey - set design: Stefan Beckman - models: Irina Shayk, Tami Williams, Alécia Morais, Amilna Estevao, Ysaunny Brito, Maria Borges, Aamito Lagum, Kayla Scott, Katie Moore, Joel Wolfe, Jordan Love, Isha Blaaker, Brandon Bailey & Kendall Harrison - W Magazine May 2016

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what brushes do you use? ive seen you post a link to them, but which specifically do you use? do you use different brushes for different purposes?

Hi! I still use mostly the same brushes I said here except i’ve adopted these two in blue:

the top one is like…. some kind of default pencil?? its super ‘firm’ and nice for sketching.

the bottom one is what you’re seeing every time my art has a very spotched/sponged on patch. I use it a ton for everything from breaking up big patches of blank space with texture to full on rendering. Also sketching?? at 9px it is actually a really good pencil. It doesn’t blend in the slightest though. 

so basically: 

i also keep the rest around just to toss texture in occasionally