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Andre Styles interviews Ed Sheeran for Mix 107.9 Columbus. 

“The most attractive thing for me is um… just, self-confidence. Someone that loves the way they look but isn’t sort of like, shouting about it. You know, it isn’t a… uh, insecure thing. Where, you know, they’re just comfortable with who they are. I think that’s the most attractive thing.”

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How to request On My Way (Mediabase)

  1. Type “On My Way by Lea Michele” in the request box.
  2. Add your name.
  3. Type in the confirmation code correctly.
  4. Click submit. You’ll receive a confirmation message “Thank you for you request”.

*On My Way is already listed on Z100’s request form - you won’t have to type it in the request box.

[You can also try to request the song on Twitter, Facebook, by mail, by calling your local radio station etc. - just make sure not to overdo it. Don’t spam them with your messages!!!]

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Mix 107.9: David Cook plays a private concert for some lucky listeners at Mix Studios - Columbus, OH

This is Phillip Phillips. I thought I hated him because his name and I thought he was going to be stuck up. Nope. He southern charmed the assumptions clean out of me. This was the day that I had a reality check though, when I went to take this photo for some reason I had the thought that Phillip was taking a photo with me, not me taking a photo with him. Weird moment. I haven’t had that thought again outside this one time, and that’s probably good. I shouldn’t forget how lucky I am.