Abandoned Cat 10


“Cat, this is your fault, you know”

“I told you you can’t enter this house“
“look what you’ve done to me”
“yeah, i’m crazy, talking to a freaking cat. you may looks like a man, but you still a cat.“

“stop it”

“fuck this world”

“yeah, yeah, i heard you”
“……………miww miw”
“yeah, you’re cute, but i don’t want to pet you anymore”


Some life updates:

I have finally graduated high school! It’s been an interesting four years and I honestly don’t know what to say about them other than they were definitely colorful.

On Monday my posts/reblog-vomit will be intermittent (read: few and far between). I’m going to Serbia again to visit family and will also spend a week in Italy while in Europe.

If you’re one of my (amazing and extremely appreciated) followers who actually care for my posts :P this sporadic posting will continue until sometime in the first week of July.

Pictures and posts about my trip go without saying