On Rose, Charlie & redemption...

My two cents (because I’m an idiot who can’t help himself):

I hear everything you’re saying about Rose in Ep1 - and it’s fascinating seeing the reaction from fans to her behaviour. She DID fuck up. Big time. She DID totally cross the line. Of course Charlie has every right not to forgive her.

But… (there’s always a but)

I’ll just say that bear in mind what you’ve seen is part 1. There’s 7 to go. The series is planned, character-wise, as one long 8 hour story, even if that’s not necessarily the way it’s initially consumed by the audience (that’s a post for another day). It’s all a long game. With any luck, every main character has to grow, and change, and evolve over the course of Series 5. Rose DESPERATELY needs to take a good, hard look at herself. Work out what her priorities are. And she will - in the most Rose way possible.

Of course this be Tumblr - and here the Ship be King :) But I promise you there’s a lot in store for both Charlie and Rose individually this year. The relationship, and the ‘will they won’t they’ of it all is just one aspect of the journey they’re both on. It doesn’t define either of them. They both need to grow up (in very, very different ways) - to work out who they are, what their respective places are in Ballarat and in the Blake extended family, and where they want to be in, say, 5 years time.

That part’s especially important.

So IF Charlie chooses to forgive her, it’s worth pondering why, how he sees the two of them, and (whether he’d ever say it or not) what it is Charlie probably wants his future to be…

Once again - you’re all 100% right in your takes on Rose’s transgressions in Ep1 (like a lot of you I’d probably never speak to her again - but then I’m Blinky McGrudgeFest. And I’m also not Charlie. Who is, really…) And yes, everything’s up for interpretation. The analysis and deep dives into the show in these parts are still the most insightful I’ve read anywhere.

Just remember, there’s a looonnnng way to go… and a character isn’t necessarily COMPLETELY irredeemable just ‘cos they start off as a bit of a shit ;)