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On Thursday, September 28th I met my favorite band in the whole world, Motionless In White. This was my third time meeting and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had. During the Q&A I was confident enough to ask a question which was “When you first started practicing music what was the first song you learned to play?” They all have their answers and I felt less nervous about talking to them as the moments passed. I had gotten them all gifts and my friend was nice enough to record me giving it to them. I made Ghost a painting of him and Kylie, he said “Oh my god that’s so awesome thank you!” I got Ricky a book that was a compilation of classics horror stories and he said “Damn that’s sick!” I made Vinny some fan art and a black rose, he thanked me and Ghost said “The many faces of Trap.” 😂❤️ (the fan art was Vinny, Trap, and Skylar) then I got Ryan a rare Ricky and Morty figure and he got the biggest smile on his face and thanked me saying “I don’t have this one yet! Thank you so much!” And finally I gave Chris a trivia game that was Rock/Metal based. He said “No way that’s so cool! This is gonna replace our cards against humanity game.” He then put his arm around me as we took the picture, I gave them all hugs and they all thanked me for the gifts. It was so amazing to make my favorite people smile and I would give anything to do it again. Thank you so much to the five amazing guys in Motionless In White for always making me smile. ❤️❤️

It’s Not What It Looks Like.. (Chris Motionless Imagine)

     Lets’s just say, you had a long day at work, and all you needed was to go home a relax. You couldn’t stand the assholes at your temporary job any more, but you knew you needed the money, and Chris encouraged you to stay, even to take overtime. You needed to pay rent somehow, so you stayed. 

     Pulling up to your apartment complex, you noticed that there was a new car pulled into your usual spot. This apartment complex was pretty small, so you new most of the cars of your neighbors, and unless one of them got a new car, this one you did not recognize. Maybe someone new moved in. New neighbors were always exciting, unless they were loud and obnoxious.

     You looked curiously around the apartment building before pushing the key into the lock on my front door. The light in the living room was dim but bright enough for you to see the clothes strewn haphazardly on the ground. Well, that’s odd. You knew Your boyfriend, Chris, was messy, but half of these didn’t seem to be his clothes. I mean, You’re pretty sure Chris didn’t wear lacy panties… At least you hoped he didn’t.

    Reluctantly, you crept further into your apartment, following the trail of left behind clothes. Surely enough, it led straight to the bedroom you shared with Chris. You  were hoping this was just some innocent misinterpretation of the clues, but once you heard some other girl’s moans coming from inside your bedroom, the fury over took you. Nearly breaking down the door, you entered your room, to find a girl on top of Chris. I’m sure you could imagine what was going on here.

    “Oh my God.” You snarled, half in shock, half in anger. The girl gave you a bitchy look, and Chris’s eyes were wide with surprise. 

     “(y/n), It’s not what it looks like!” he pleaded and pushed the girl off of him with a grunt. He was only partially naked, but what he was doing was inexcusable. Intolerable. Idiotic.

       “Get out of my house.” I growled , pointing to the door that you knew she must know very well. So, this is why Chris wanted you to stay at your job, to take over time even though you hated it there. The slut walked past you looking you over before exiting with a ‘whatever’.

       “(Y/N)…” Chris murmured, pulling some of his clothes back on and heading towards you.

       “Get out.” You voice was hardly audible.

       “(Y/N), please you have to listen-”     

        “Get. Out.” This time, your voice was strong and demanding, giving him no opportunity to talk you out of your decision. “Prick.” You mumbled under your breath as he hesitantly stepped outside of my apartment for you to slam the door in his face.

      That night, you practically got no rest whatsoever, because the memories of Chris laying with that girl haunted you dreams and every thought. What had you done to deserve this? You were always faithful to him, but i guess that wasn’t enough. And who knows how long he’s been doing this for!

      The next morning after sleep deprivation and a lot of tears and screams,you somehow got up to do your daily routine. Except, you weren’t going to go to work today. you threw on some over sized sweatpants and a casual band shirt before going outside to check for the mail. For some reason, the mail usually always came super early on Saturday’s. Outside, your mailbox was empty, but in front of your door sat a dozen or so roses in an intricate glass vase, a small card attached to the side.

     Deciding to read it, you picked up the card and began to scan over the words:

       ‘To the lovely (y/n),

I am so sorry for what happened, but it wasn’t what it looked like. I could explain it to you through a letter, but this card is way too damn small and you probably won’t read it anyways. Please call me. I love you.


    You didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but you were kind of curious to what he had to say. So you called him. Picking up the phone immediately he sounded relieved. “Oh, thank God you called.”

     “Interesting saying for someone who doesn’t believe in god.” You pointed out sounding less than impressed. “So, what do you want, because you only have five minutes, then i’m hanging up.”

      “Well, for one, I love you to the moon and back.” He tried to sound sweet, but it only made you sick.

      “four minutes and 45 seconds.” You said impatiently.

      “(y/n), i know it looked pretty bad, but i only did it because she black mailed me, well us.” That caught your attention.

      “Go on…”

      “She said she had some embarrassing pictures of us that i’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want to see,”

      “What does that have to do with anything?” 

      “She said if i didn’t do… you know… with her, then she’d leak those photos… It would ruin my career and your business that i know you’re trying to start.”  I guess that made sense, but you didn’t know what pictures he was talking about.

     “Can i please come home now, it’s freezing outside. “ He chuckled. You could never stay mad at Chris for long, no matter what he did. He could literally break your arm purposely and you’d forgive him within five minutes. You chuckled a ‘yes’ before sighing. “I love you, snowflake.”

     “I love you too.”


yesterday @miwband was AMAZING!!!!moreover they did also a signature session and I spoke a little with @chrismotionless and he is so cool and friendly😍😍 (even if I’m in love with Ricky Horror❤❤)
Go to see them as soon as you could😉😉
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