So, I did this in response to this pic *diesoffeels* that Mivvu did for my anon doodle prompt =uo; I feel bad asking for something like that and giving nothing in return, so I did this according to what I think Mivvu likes oOo//

Apart. This is my headcanon with Kyouhei and Touko as battle partners, both with Tepig as starter pokemon. They would meet in someplace (tba) and their Tepig would become great friends, and so will Kyouhei and Touko later. After some time will meet again and do some journeys together.

Hope you like it oOo~♥

mivvu asked:

eeeeee feliz año andy ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

Igualmente, gracias! Feliz año y mucho éxito en todo carnitas