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.:A message from SANS ft Papyrus:.

Many of my friends is kinda down lately because of their school grades , so i made this, i felt like trying to make someone smile on such stressful time <:3 

Good luck everyone <3 


Rejet Fes 2014

Before & After Discover Game Corner!
Hatano Wataru is being called up to represent the middle team! Midorikawa Hikaru starts to tease Hatano Wataru.

Midorikawa Hikaru: Discovery! 
Matsukaze Masaya & Miura Hiroaki: Yes, Hikaru-san.
Midorikawa Hikaru: The shape has changed.
Hatano Wataru: No, no, no. Ahhh!!
Okiayu Ryoutarou: You just wanted to say that.
Miura Hiroaki: As for that answer… It’s kind of hard to say…