Jam on Toast :U 

Still a work in progress. I wanted to do another head as a study for the  previous jam sculpt… and then I kept going. SFW version here, definitely not in its original form though.  Based on a picture by cookingpeach / Miupix .

Will post more as it finishes up so,  Enjoy the WIP!


Doodle images I’ve been posting to my twitter: https://twitter.com/Miupix

Been recovering from the flu & it’s been slow, so mostly been posting doodles to my twitter account. Respritory stuff is always so hard for me to get over! Going on 2-3 weeks now. Weee~

But yeah, will be back to my regular shenanigans soon. Also, getting very close to done on Talent Show! After that, lots of Rio stuff.

So lots of art around the corner once I fully return to the land of the living. In the meantime if you wanna chat with me, I do leave my twitter open. Feel free to stop in and say hello! Take care all.

Finished result made a good few days back. I’m happy with how it came out but for some reason I felt weird posting it on FA so its here. It had a greeting on it too but left it out for this version coz I felt weird about that too. < <; Idk why…Maybe later.

Originally a Get Well pic for the awesomely awesome Mister Miupix/CookingPeach in hope that he makes a full recovery from his illness~ One of my biggest idols. * vvvv *

He liked it and even considered drawing one of my charas at some point… >//<;;; *heart leaps*

Oh and big thank yous forever to Chalodillo and Cranberrysoap for the anatomy bites! <3

Peaches © Miupix/CookingPeach


Hi peeps, figured I’d post about this some here for people that don’t follow my twitter. (I’ve only posted about it there cause I found it the least stressful to do so. I don’t really enjoy talking about my health let alone repeating posts over a lot of sites. Just yeah, super stressful. sorry everyone!)

Been dealing with a lot of health stuff. Doc’s are trying to figure out what’s going on and I’ve pretty much spent most of Jan so far at various appointments and wearing crazy EEG gear to test my electrical brain activity.

I’ve been having trouble with motion & being in vehicles. Once it gets up to speed, I start finding it hard to concentrate, hard to breath & start to experience a sort of vertigo & ability to communicate with anyone (ie, can’t talk) Not being able to communicate with people & feeling like I’m locked in my own head is pretty upsetting. ><; I really hope to find some answers soon. As someone who’s driven across the country about six times now & generally loves road trips, its been a huge bummer.

This has been a pretty rough, but I’m doing my best to keep spirits high and work on art when I can!

There will be an official update to the IGG coming after Further Confusion about the fancy editions of the books. They’re all printed & we’re doing the brokerage process to get them over to the fulfillment company!

But yeah, that’s kinda what’s been up. I’m just pushing forward as best I can!

And now, bow before your new cyborg masters! The robot revolution has come!


Hi again everyone! Been awhile since I really updated on here much. Sadly been dealing with some health issues and nursing a sick pet. But I’m doing okay, mostly just been working & wanted to give an update on the fancier print versions of the Peaches & Cream Super Delicious books for the Indiegogo!

Things are going well, the images on here are the first set of proofs that were went from our printer. We spent the past two weeks correcting all the things we could possibly think of to make sure these come out as nice as possible.

The next set of proofs are already on their way to us and if those look good, it’s off to print we go! So I should have more news on that very soon. The printer has been a dream to work with so far and gets things done surprisingly quickly!

Also, I’ve been cranking away at Talent Show and I think aside from a few small missing panels, I’ve finished all the thumbnails & only have a little dialog to go before I just hammer away at final art. The writing phase is always the longest for me, so I’ll have a lot more previews to come pretty soon now that I’m down to the nitty gritty of just drawing pages while I watch Parks & Rec~! < X D

Anywho, just wanted to get a heads up now that I’m back on my feet yet again. We’ll be updating the IGG after Furpoc is over this weekend and trying to get back to people that need their emails answered! Thanks to everyone again for your patience! I’m really excited we’re almost to the finish line~ take care all!