All politics is local. And global. And personal.

Sometimes I just feel like fighting until I disappear.

I’d give just about anything to shift my focus to something bigger than the “liberal” ostrich farm that I’ve discovered here. It’s getting harder and harder to tolerate a night spent being social out on the town when I feel like I’m one of only a handful of people around here that give enough of a shit about what’s happening outside our milquetoast Leftist back-patting bubble to make the personal sacrifices required of each of us to actually fix it.

Fuck Rick Snyder and the entirety of the modern (un-)American GOP, as well as the well-meaning but utterly ineffective modern Democratic party. We are long overdue for some specific deliverables and accountability in prioritizing the needs of the most disenfranchised and vulnerable in our quite obviously terminally ill society. We deserve far better than having to vote for the “least worst” of only two candidates beholden to money instead of the collective voice of their individual constituents.

The Era of Selfishness is over.

These willfully ignorant, hypocritical, greedy children deserve to lose all of their toys and and get sent to their rooms for a long timeout. I hope there are more than a few other adults that are willing to join me in peacefully removing them from power.