Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 Thoughs

Whoa this week’s nagi no asukara…. Where do i start!?

I really love the opening and endning theme! And in the opening before the chorus when someone said: “I was always watching, from up close, from far away. Always, i couldnt reach.” It just caught me up guard! Soo good >.< I think it was miuna who said that. Well, it sounded like her voice and they were kind of showing her when they said it.

I think that they have just made the ships work amazing now! When Hikari and Kaname didnt age they opened up Miuna x Hikari and Sayu x Kaname. Chisaki x Tsumugu (my fave ship x3) was really well done. Even if they dont get together it feels like they have this strong bond now…

Well…. even so the ships doesnt look so bright… In a flashback chisaki blushed at tsumugu, so that may be good for the ship… hahha It was really sad how Hikari called out manakas name the first thing when he woke up. But miuna! There’s still hope! (maybe) Just the thing with hikari coming back is ruining the chisaki x tsumugu right now. I dont really believe any of these ships will become canon just because of this love pentagon or what it is… I hope they will, but who knows….

Anyway, cant wait for next week! Nagi no Asukara is my favorite anime right now. Now i just have to find a way to download and loop the opening into my phone….. xd

How I would have made Nagi no Asukara (pairings wise):

Manaka x Tsumugu:

After the 5 year skip, Tsumugu has dedicated himself to finding out how to save the gang from the sea. Then Hikari and Kaname come back. They go try and save Manaka. Once she is out, Tsumugu falls in the sea (where her feelings are scattered.) He remembers and realizes he worked so hard to reawaken the sea kids for Manaka and tries to get her feelings back. He is successful and they date (5 year difference isn’t that much, and they can wait a while idk ugh)

Miuna x Hikari:

Hikari starts seeing Miuna as a woman and realizes his feelings for Manaka only came from having to take care of her all the time. He genuinely begins to love and care for Miuna, as she is not as needy, but mature and always there for him.

As for Chisaki, Sayu, and Kaname… I’m not too sure. Like, I really like Sayu, but Kaname doesn’t interest me too much. It would have been nice if Chisaki would have met someone new in the 5 years she spent on the surface with Tsumugu. I mean I think that Tsumugu’s confession to her was adorable, but I don’t really want that pairing as much as the ones mentioned above. I know NONE of them will happen but yeah don’t hate me…

Nagi no Asukara

I’m so excited for Thursday!

I really didn’t think I was gonna like this show very much but it’s so damn good. That time skip is pretty drastic change.

Chisaki (the best girl) is all grown up now and looks… Great! I really hope her and Tsumugu get together.

I’m also shipping Miuna x Hikari now. Miuna was really cute as a kid and was always a second favorite character of mine. She’s now even cuter as a teenager and I hope Hikari starts to see her in a romantic light now. She’s pretty infatuated with him. It seems her love has only grown stronger.

I love the scene when Hikari reappeared.


[AMV] - Nagi No Asukara - Hikari x Miuna - You Can

I am such a Miuna. Those unrequited feelings are the worst.


Small clip about Hikari and Miuna i made :)

hope you can check it out ^.^

Nagi No Asukara Episode 8

- Miuna is my favorite female character just saying…..she doesn’t cause problems

-lol the dad is not very useful, he almost choked from embarrassment

- Trip to the City! omg tsumungu you stalker and you are going to eat plum flavored kelp?! what

- the seating arrangements is it foreshadowing the couples?! lol

- me is thinking Kaname might bes a slighlty a trolls hmm…

- Everyone’s cute looking and looking for Miuna’s pendant

- lol miuna is sooooooo cute


-MIUNA and hikari think about the same things—-kawaiiiiiiiiiiii (my crack ship)

-akari looks kinda old but thank god they are going to get married properly

saltflake snow….

This episode didn’t make me want to pull my hair out so I’ll give it a 8.5/10

Newest episode of Nagi no Asukara was really good. Severe lack of Chisaki, but it had plenty of Miuna who is tied for best girl in my opinion.

This episode made me feel bad for Sayu, who I had never really thought about her feelings sense the time skip. I’m also really hoping Hikari can start to see Miuna as a woman rather than the goofy kid he once knew. I just have this nagging feeling that let’s say Tsumugu and Chisaki finally hit it off and Hikari and Miuna become a couple. That would then be the perfect time for the show to have Manaka reappear and ruin everything.

Hopefully this show wont take that route, and by the time Manaka comes back (if she ever comes back) the characters would have grown so much without her (emotionally not technically physically) that her being back doesn’t change their new feelings. I don’t hate Manaka by any means, but I’m pretty sure most fans at this point would rather Manaka be the one to not have a happy ending than anyone else.

Either way, good episode, but damn that cliffhanger. Even if I saw it a mile away, sucks to have to wait till next week.