mitzi's art

hey all!! i decided to design a sticker/key chain/charm series!! it will include random villagers and npcs. if you are interested in buying these or any merch from me in general, feel free to let me know either personally or in the tags if you reblog this!! i plan on doing more, so you can also send me a request for your favourite villager or anything ac related that you would like merch of!! thank you again <3 i just want to gauge interest before i order anything!

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so you're the person who made the post about brindlestar but have you fucking seen the wiki art for mitzi (KP)



Mitzi, Mitzi, Mitzi! 💖 I was so happy to see another skunk in the show, and even better that she served as a perfect foil to Pepper. A sweet-smelling beauty with a soft Southern Belle demeanor and voice, and a character everyone wanted to be around on a constant basis. I expected Mitzi to be used as a tool to make Pepper jealous and do any number of silly things as a result, but they took me by surprise by completely dropping that in favor of having Pepper realize how bad Mitzi’s situation actually was and help her out. I can’t imagine having to completely stifle your real feelings because you’re so concerned with making everyone else happy. I can actually relate with that a lot, and really enjoyed seeing Pepper stick up for Mitzi and tell the other pets what selfish little jerks they were being. Their friendship was extremely touching and I would’ve loved to see more of her. Heck, she was the character that kinda pushed me to start collecting LPS toys in my free time!

And I’m sorry this one isn’t a transparency like the other doodles, I kinda messed up the layers when drawing her. :’3