mitzi's art

hey all!! i decided to design a sticker/key chain/charm series!! it will include random villagers and npcs. if you are interested in buying these or any merch from me in general, feel free to let me know either personally or in the tags if you reblog this!! i plan on doing more, so you can also send me a request for your favourite villager or anything ac related that you would like merch of!! thank you again <3 i just want to gauge interest before i order anything!

A fun Halloween entry for @smash-cooper‘s LPS group, Panda Pals! So glad I didn’t miss this month’s. :’D

Decided to draw Mitzi dressed up as the lovely fellow Southern Belle, Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic SatAM. Also threw in Captain Cuddles, since it clicked that they’d make a good parallel to Buntoine!