mitzi may

bubbling-tar-pit said:
“…there’s a thought that’s been burning away at the back of my head and that’s ‘What would these characters look like in a more modern time?’ Such as the 80s when everything was big, wild hair.”

I haven’t drawn all of the characters in more modern regalia (yet), but here’s a Zib and Mitzi à la 80s pop art - part of a thing I made for Patreon supporters a while back.

No but can you imagine Mordecai and Mitzi going clothes shopping?

Mitzi trying to prod Mordecai into brighter colors and more fashionable cuts because he is kind of a looker and, goddammit, Mitzi’s got style and social panache and Mordecai’s All Black All The Time thing is offensive to her.

“Honey, you look like an undertaker in that, not to mention ten years older.”

And Mordecai’s all “That’s the point” and then they squabble for HOURS over lapels.

(And, because this is The Good Old Days, they both have a pretty good time bitching at each other over clothes…. not that they’d ever admit it.)