Ball Python Dragon: Normal Morph.

I like this guy. Apophis was a dear and worked well with me when I needed a reference. Vincent didn’t want to come out so I couldn’t use him (who has larger scales of course) as a reference.

Yay snake dragons. Only a bust because I was too tired to really keep trying to build the body :C but I imagine they are close to the ground and and what not.

Done for the night, but here’s a current Reference for the Dy.

It’s relatively difficult to make them a Reference do to the endless combinations of fur/vents and what not.

A few things that are always common between both genders though:

  • Males are generally smaller than females, however due to the armored plating on the under belly/ neck/chest/ and the base of the tail, they are heavier.
  • Females generally are much faster.
  • Male coloration goes from light to dark, where as Female coloration goes from dark to light (something that was changed tonight)
  • Five toes on the front and back, always having a large claw as a thumb.
  • Wings among the species are more optional than anything else. With a  “melting effect’ they can get rid of or gain wings. It’s a matter of using dark matter.
  • Females have longer tails.
  • Both genders may sport large scythe like or otherwise harmful weapons on their tails.
  • Females usually have fur on the chest, but it is an optional thing.

For those of you with Dy, I’m sorry you have to like redo any reference sheets you made whoops.

Those of you who don’t have a Dy, and want one, come speak to me. The species is essentially "closed” but only in the fact that you need to obtain permission to make one. If I get enough interest again going I might make another round of adopts.

Will work on this later on today and add in things like the skull/jaw make up as well as other silly things like cores, wings, and pinions/feathers/customization.

Alright, let’s be honest here

Who doesn’t miss my shitty pen doodles?

Critters from after my test today. I passed my Comp Pract with a 99% and a 94%. Aw yeah. Anyway, ignore the retard at the top right, top left is a snake dude with super awesome decaying broken jaws, then you have a gigantic eel face shark thing with no lower jaw that wants to hug the fuck out of you with it’s fucking teeth

And then there’s that asshole who has no point what-so-ever but to drool with a weird looking tongue  and have pockets of weird empty space inside his body. I call him a Hallow.

All Vryll critters yess.



Have a work in progress dump of all the pictures I attempted to finish today or at least try to do something with because I’m really upset with the fact that I think my mom forgot what Sunday is and oh hey people are asshole and my opinion doesn’t matter apparently (yes Kate I’ll explain it, just not right now. I’m very annoyed by it and I’m sure you’d rather have calm me explain than angry cursing me). And I’m losing my voice because people can’t sound off during formation march to the school house and it’s really annoying and I’m going to go to bed now so that I can spend tomorrow ignoring my angry problems and just have a good time with Reece because fuck yeah Memorial Day weekend.

And yes. I gave Darikey more teeth.

I dunno why. I felt like drawing rows of teeth.

. No Light.

” No light, no light In your bright blue eyes I never knew daylight could be so violent.”
“A revelation in the light of day You can’t choose what stays and what fades away And I’d do anything to make you stay.“
” No light, no light.”
” Tell me what you want me to say? Would you leave me If I told you what I’d done? And would you leave me If I told you what I’d become? ‘Cause it’s so easy To say it to a crowd But it’s so hard, my love To say it to you out loud…”

Had some Marcus and James feels. The brotherly relationship hits a hard place and dive bombs in the story arc before repairing. I really like the song No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine. Lot of emotion rolls from it and the power behind it, especially with the last part. The song lyrics fit as James doesn’t know what to say to his brother, and then the fear of being outcasted due to what he has done and become. I love how the relationship between the two has formed, it is insanely crazy and amazing to read again and again. These two have special places in my heart!

Marcus belongs to Catal-st Lyrics to Florence +The Machine Also: Thank you to Twilitwolf again for red lines! M3