mituna's accident

Ah man, I was listening to the song 7UR87L3N7 coll4bor4t1on that was recently released in the Beforus Allbum, and I had this cool idea for a picture, but I didn’t know how to execute it without it looking cluttered and gross. :( So here is the base image. Maybe someday I’ll post a draft of what I had in mind, but I dunno.

Thank you @beforusalbum and all the artists who helped create this fantastic fanwork ! You all are so talented and appreciated !

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I'd like to see more of him and Mituna before his accident. I mean I have the feeling Mituna was a douche with Cronus but after things changed between these two. Of course I admire Cronus a lot even if he dresses like a greaser. Also I love your blog! The best blog ever about Cronus!

boy oh boy these two sure are the bestest of friends. 

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tag yourself i’m kankri having no idea what’s happening

(imo kankri and latula would essentially switch in this, mostly bc latula is a knight: she didn’t properly create the universe, so she would be telling everyone how badly she fucked up while kankri, due to his title as seer of blood, would be able to foresee a massacre, but kurloz’s mind control would fuck his visions up to see meenah, who was innocent, killing & horribly damaging everyone, which was actually kurloz’s fault. including causing a brain-damaging accident to mituna, which is why he’s bloodied and scarred next to porrim.)

(part 4)

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why do you love cronus so much?

(Warning, some of my headcanons get into very touchy topics. So I’ll tag them up here as well as in the tags: Abusive Relationships, Eating Disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm

oman are you in for a ride.

Let me tell you about Cronus Ampora ok.

He is one of the most poorly characterized characters in Homestuck. The majority of the fandom has very little interest in him, so he’s passed off with the very surface of his personality, which is the basic shit we’re shown in the comic (douche-baggy personality, cares about nothing but quadrants and human culture, etc.)

BUT, I see a lot deeper than that. First of all, he’s very artistic. We know that because he talks about his music a lot. I don’t think he does that just for show. I think he’s probably /very/ talented with music at the very least. Any basic musician would most likely know at least how to play the piano. So I believe he knows that, but I’m also sure, just based on his personality, he probably plays the guitar, bass, or both too. As well as that, if you listen to this song (which is canon a song he wrote):

you can tell he’s talented with making electronic music as well. Now this isn’t all musicians, but most of them also sing, so I believe that he does as well. You can go either way with him, but my personal opinion is that he probably has a pretty good singing voice. 

This can also go either way, but this is simply extending his artistic abilities. I think he probably draws too, whether he’s good at it or not is up to you. There was actually a post a while back suggesting that because of his purpleblood, he would have highblood aggressiveness, but couldn’t take it out violently because of beforan culture, so instead, he channels all of that aggression into his art, whether it’s music or drawing/painting/etc. or both (in my opinion both).

Now moving onto social interactions with him. I AM IN NO WAY SAYING HE IS NOT A DOUCHE, NOR AM I DEFENDING THE WAY HE ACTS OR TREATS MITUNA. He is a douche, I am totally aware of that. He is mean to Mituna when he’s alone with him, but I do not believe he has ever actually hurt him. We’re shown him placing a hand on Mituna’s shoulder at most. HOWEVER, because of the innate highblood aggression, I think it’s very probable that he’s lashed out in frustration a couple of times and hit Mituna. It may be possible he’s done this to a few other trolls as well, but I don’t believe he’s ever done it on purpose. 

Cronus/Kankri interaction: I believe they are a very good match. No one listens to either of them, in fact, they are probably the two most avoided members of their group. Therefore, I believe they would often spend a lot of time with each other as they have that in common, so they tend to be the only one that listens to the other. Cronus listens to Kankri’s sermons, occasionally giving him feedback on new lectures before Kankri tries to tell them to anyone else, and Kankri lets Cronus show him new songs or drawings he’s worked on, etc. I think Cronus would slowly develop feelings for Kankri, who would either be completely oblivious to it, or otherwise, just pass it off as typical Cronus hitting on him for no real reason. But if they ever did end up in a matespritship, it would be very rough at first. They would grow closer, and Kankri would learn exactly how much of a jerk Cronus is. Cronus would be very controling (and I’ll explain this later), perhaps a little abusive, and not really be much of a good boyfriend at first (ex: hitting on other trolls, etc.). I feel like he would occasionally lose his temper and hit Kankri. However, Kankri’s a big boy and doesn’t stand for that shit. He always calls Cronus on his bullshit, sometimes leaves him alone for days when Cronus has been particularly cruel. But eventually Cronus learns and he gets better and the relationship grows and they get closer, despite everyone telling Kankri that Cronus is no good for him, he’s a jerk, Kankri can do better, etc.

Ok I said I would explain the controlling, abusive aspect of that. I’m starting to get more into headcanons and farther away from actual canon, so anything from here on out can be disregarded or taken on as other people’s headcanons as they choose. I think that Cronus was in a relationship before playing sgrub that lasted for a couple of years, back when he was still all vwizardy n shit. It started off as a normal relationship, very loving and whatnot. But eventually she started showing more and more that she was very abusive. It started out with just emotionally manipulative crap. Putting him down, telling him no one would ever love him but her, controlling who he could and couldn’t hang out with, etc. Just generally being very manipulative. I think this is where he developed an eating disorder from (i’ve stated before that i had a headcanon for this) and eventually he just got weak physically, as well as mentally, so he got to a point where she could begin physically abusing him as well without having to worry about him fighting back. Eventually he got out of it, but he subconsciously now carries some of these traits in himself. This is also why I think he’s so quadrant-crazed. Because his last matesprit constantly told him that if he left her, no one would ever love him like she did, so he’s very insecure about it, worried she’s right, trying too hard to prove her wrong, etc. and so he comes off as desperate and needy.

Ok human thingy now. A lot of him may be a little showy, just him trying to get attention, because in his head, even bad attention is better than no attention. So I think he really does feel very connected to humans and wishes he was one, but I think he makes too much of a spectacle of it. I think though that the change from wizard to greaser was a little bit of fear in him. He was afraid of the wizard that scarred his face, so he’s wanting to get as far away from magic as he can so he never has to face that person again (whoever it is, I haven’t developed any headcanons about that particular topic). I think he would have a really good black relationship with Meenah honestly, but he’s too wrapped up in human culture to see it. All he wants is one quadrant, a matespritship, and since he doesn’t see the black romance between he and Meenah, he’s constantly pursuing a red one, which is why it never works out between them.

I think he’s very bad at social interaction because he’s so damaged and doesn’t really realize that what he’s doing is wrong sometimes. He definitely has a ‘nice guy’ complex, but I think he really doesn’t see why people don’t want to date him. He tries to be nice, but he’s really just mean and kind of gross sometimes. But he’s also very insecure still. He never quite kicked the eating disorder, so he’s still very thin, a little malnutrition, etc. He feels depressed and lonely, maybe a little anxious around people? I think he feels very mistreated by Meenah because he doesn’t see the black romance between them, he probably feels very isolated and rejected because no one in his group of friends really likes him. So perhaps he’s resorted to self-harm to deal with his depression. It’s my personal headcanon that he doesn’t cut though, he burns. He burns on his legs and takes baths/showers that are too hot, etc. (This is more effective with him as highbloods have a cooler body temperature than lowbloods). Cronus is a very private person though. As showy as he is, it’s never really personal stuff that he shows off with, so he makes sure to never let self-harm marks be seen, ever.

Cronus is the biggest nerd virgin ok. The abusive relationship was the only one he was ever in. They rarely kissed, especially as the relationship progressed, and they never pailed. He’s very nervous when it comes to relationships, as no one but Damara (and that’s rare) shows interest in him. If anyone were to ever show a romantic interest in him (or reciprocates his flirting), he would get very flustered and find an excuse to leave because he doesn’t know how to deal with that. 

Now to get into some of my older headcanons revolving around him, Mituna, and Latula. First of all, Mituna and Cronus had a very healthy rivalry before Mituna’s accident. They could have been considered kismesises, but it was more a friendship than a romance. They bantered back and forthed, tried to one up eachother, but were still best buds at the end of the day. So when Mituna had the accident, he sort of forgot Cronus and they weren’t really friends anymore. This frustrated Cronus, and he didn’t handle it well. He thought maybe if he called Mituna names and whatnot, it would stir some memories. But Mituna never returned the namecalling and it just frustrated Cronus horribly, and it just dwindled into the relationship we see between them in the comic now. Now, I don’t care how much you love Mituna, he is not a super precious innocent would’t-hurt-a-fly baby. He is a pervert and he is a dickweed. We have seen that several times, so please don’t try to argue with me on this. It is my personal headcanon however that in my opinion would make a lot of sense, Mituna probably lies a lot, especially about Cronus. We see in one of their interactions that he takes it a little too hard when Cronus has his hand on Mituna’s shoulder. So perhaps Mituna occasionally, just for shits and giggles, or maybe because Cronus did something to make Mituna mad, maybe occasionally he tells Latula that Cronus hurt him, he took his helmet, he hit him, etc. In which case, mama-tulip will have none a that. I wouldn’t put it past her at all to beat up on Cronus at least a little. Don’t go messin with my Tuna, I’m gonna get a point across to you. You fuck with him I’ll fuck with you basically. And no one listens to Cronus. Everyone has just assumed by this point that he lies. They already know he shows off a bit, so why wouldn’t he go as far as lying to save his own skin?

So, yeah, I think that’s about it. That’s everything about Cronus. He’s just a huge nerd with a broken past that doesn’t really know how to deal with stuff sometimes, so he buries himself in his art. I really love him, he’s got so much room to analyze. I think he really is a sweetheart down deep, just no one really cares to get to know him well enough to know that.

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Hey, guys. I just thought I should give you a heads up that your reputation is kind of taking a hit across the fandom... There's been a Sollux RPer going around being kind of a jerk to people about their RPing, both IC and OOC, and he keeps marking himself as "the motivationstuck guy." I don't know if he's actually affiliated with you, but if he is, you may want to talk to him about linking you guys to the things he says.

Poodle here.

You mean on Gigapause and Flarping?

Okay, hello, I RP Sollux on both those sites. Sollux is kind of an asshole, and I try to keep him in-character, but if I ever come across as a Jerk OOC or if my Role Playing ever makes anyone uncomfortable, you can honestly just say so.

I don’t bite but I’m not a mind-reader. I can’t tell if you’re upset unless you talk to me, and I’ll often message people privately if an RP is getting particularly heated to make sure that OOC, everything is cool.

I also don’t bash people for their RPing at all. There are these things called Alternative Character Interpretations that people are allowed to have. I know there are some people (Not naming names because I’m not an asshole.) mainly on Gigapause who do that, but I’m not one of them. Actually, I choose not to interact with them, mainly because they remind me of every petty bully I had to deal with growing up.

To clarify which accounts are mine and which are not mine, in case there really is someone else going around.

On Gigapause:

On Flarping:

I also have an active Human Mituna (Pre-accident) on Flarping:

Feel absolutely free to shoot me a message IC or OOC any time! Especially OOC if you have any concerns.

If this Sollux is active on MSPARP, I haven’t used that for a while, so it’s not going to be me and I doubt it’s any of my mods, but I will ask. Same goes to Cherubplay.

Finally: If at any point my role playing HAS upset you, I am honestly deeply sorry and urge you to message me. If there’s any way I can make it up to you, PLEASE let me know.


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On the subject of Mituna and his accident, there's a lot of different headcanons for what he did. So out of curiosity, what do you personally think he did?

I’m partial to the theory that in order to protect his friends he wrote the ~ATH code so that English couldn’t enter the universe and to give his group more time to figure out how to beat him and then was manipulated by Kurloz into blasting the server it was held on into the Furthest Ring so it would be where it needed to be to make a stable timeloop.

Mituna has been said to be lucid around Kurloz so Kurloz could just be fucking with his mind all the time except for when they’re alone together so that he doesn’t tell anyone what Kurloz did.

(I’ll have my revenge. someday i’ll actually board out big booshit mituna accident scene AND IT WILL BE FUCKING EPIC AND TRAGIC AND PROBABLY MELODRAMATIC BUT SO COOL BECAUSE GEMINI TROLLS ARE AWESOME. you’ll rue the day you crashed on my silly sketch, technology! YOU WILL FEAR ME) 

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So there are all these theories about what actually happened with Mituna's accident. I've heard them, and read them, but has Andrew confirmed anything true? Or is he just doing it so we can come up with our own theories about what happened and remain curious?

Hussie has confirmed nothing. He probably never actually came up with the incident himself and probably never intends to show it. But it’s better that way. Some of the fan theories go super in detail and it’s pretty great.