mituna's accident

Ah man, I was listening to the song 7UR87L3N7 coll4bor4t1on that was recently released in the Beforus Allbum, and I had this cool idea for a picture, but I didn’t know how to execute it without it looking cluttered and gross. :( So here is the base image. Maybe someday I’ll post a draft of what I had in mind, but I dunno.

Thank you @beforusalbum and all the artists who helped create this fantastic fanwork ! You all are so talented and appreciated !

kronosaquarii-deactivated201701  asked:

I'd like to see more of him and Mituna before his accident. I mean I have the feeling Mituna was a douche with Cronus but after things changed between these two. Of course I admire Cronus a lot even if he dresses like a greaser. Also I love your blog! The best blog ever about Cronus!

boy oh boy these two sure are the bestest of friends. 

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