mituna rp

Can I Stay?/Closed RP with mituna-captor-loves-greaser-blog

Noiz was living in a small apartment. It was nice but the water had stopped working. When he confronted his landlord about it they had gotten into a pretty heated argument. 

Now he was currently on Koujaku’s doorstep with some of his things but not all of it. He knocked on the door with a sigh. He had been kicked out. He’d still have time to get the rest of his things but he could no longer stay there. 



Mituna would walk across the campus, a cat hidden in his messy hair, hoodie bouncing as he walked towards Feferi’s apartment,smiling softly as he found her room, knocking softly. “Feferi, it’s me…” He would say his well pronounced lisp coming through.