mituna psii captor

Regarding Affections

II have intergalactic baggage II must sort through, and this keeps me from fully committing to any sort of close relationships of the flushed or pitch kind.



For the next reply II will try to gather all these messages and answer them at once.  II can tell you about my previous solid quadrants and where my affections currently lie.  II am just afraid my answers will not be the steamy information you were hoping for.  My quadrants are a barren wasteland where all fear to tread - or should if they know what is good for them.

Excuse me, II will get back to this subject at a later date.

Clowns all around you.

You kneel down, feeling pathetic more than you ever did before. Was it just your imagination or did the candles that shed some light into the chamber were radiant now more than they ever were? Just when you wished to be swallowed by pitch black and find comfort in darkness - you were not allowed to do that.

All you ever done wrong was displayed in the clearest light in front of your white eyes. The walls were washed with indigo liquid - well-written commands that turned slowly into requests which eventually turned into sloppy written beggings with missing letters every now and then. Some yellow along with green color also made sure to decorate the walls - reminding you of Mituna’s accident and how he burnt his psionic powers, reminding you that you hurt your ex-matesprit…

The floor was caked with colorful foot-prints. The grand hall was filled with the horrible smell of decay. It made you sick but you couldn’t complain nor you could move hell, you could do nothing. Some invisible force kept your knees glued to the bloody floor, making sure you will observe your terrible work of art from the first line, from the best seat.

Your pure white spheres fill with color too - flashing neon-pink and indigo lights danced in them uncontrollably. You felt how your eyes were burning and you fought the tears that stood so still within them, if those were even tears – for some reason it felt far more painful than mere tears but again, perhaps it’s just your imagination. At this point, it was hard to tell.

You were so unconscious and so weak you didn’t even notice that the door behind you did not close. Anyone could walk in without having you to notice them …