mituna 2014

2013 was my Tumblr year. I met a lot of wonderful people, whom I hope to know better in the year that is coming and hopefully to do more arts and projects together. 
I thank you, my followers (you are almost 2400! I really can’t believe it!) as you always support me even in the smallest things and have always a word of comfort for me when I feel down. 
I thank mcsiggy and xing2lee that contributed to the Amporas AU so much (and I hope you will do in the future as well!) and are so cute and fun, I’m always happy to talk with them. And of course everyone who contributes and support it! 
Next year I hope to meet more people who likes my art and shares the same interests as me;w;
And I hope to see more contributions/submission to the Amporas AU because I love seeing your interpretations of the story AHAHAHAH 
I dedicate this to you all, please continue supporting me next year as well!
Have a nice 2014~

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I finally g9t f99tage 9f the dance party! Sadly Meenah n9ticed me rec9rding and ended it all when I was destracted 6y the huge upr9ar made 6y the parad9w gh9sts and whatn9t. I am 100% sure that they had this all planned 9ut 6ef9rehand, it m9st likely went like this; ‘if yall sea red buoy with his dumb shit camera whale were doin this rave shit just stop dancin dont even stop the music just stop dancin’.

Meenah is a huge 6itch.

D9n’t tell her I said that.

Finished Husktop

A follow up to this post. Here is my completed, fully-functional, Husktop!

Here have two pictures of me being in character Sollux with it from Anime Expo 2014.

(Psiioniic, Mituna, Photo Credit)

Finally, I decided to share this photo of when I was working on my husktop. Yes, they were all out there for different purposes. Pictured are the two white netbooks are the ones that became my husktop, my main laptop, and my ancient linux laptop which is what I use for downloading stuff.

(And cue the “Actual Sollux Captor” jokes from Zes who kept making them the entire time I was working on this project.)

tbh if you don’t think that me and mika make pretty cool latula and mituna you’re wrong

also look at our height difference jfc im a full foot shorter than him




DAISHO CON 2014: Saturday [Homestuck]

Saturday at Daisho Con! It was a day of debuting a few new cosplays such as Latula, Mituna and Cherry from Studio Killers.

Mituna || Latula/Aradia || Cronus || Terezi/Vriska



Studio Killers © Cherry
Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Mituna, Latula, Terezi, Cronus, Aradia, Tavros, Vriska and all other mentioned characters