Mituna can’t understand why Kankri is giving him such mixed signals.  One second he’s goading him, and the next he’s pushing him away, wagging an admonishing finger in his face about inappropriate conduct.

“Pitch tease,"  Mituna hisses through those intimidatingly large chompers as he corners Kankri, pinioning Kankri’s feeble arms in a rough gloved grip.

Kankri’s breath catches as Mituna kisses him, artlessly shoving his tongue in his mouth.  Kankri mewls and knees the taller troll.

"Latula shall be hearing about this!"  Kankri pushes past him, huffing.  Mituna slowly turns, grin plastered on his face partially obscured by his helmet.

"She already knows.”

Kankri nearly trips over his own two feet.

when i think about mituna <3<ing on kankri i feel really bad for kankri bc it would be so awful

mituna would plant his skateboard like a trap so kankri trips on it

he’d troll his serious bubblr posts and ruin them

he’d steal the toilet paper right before kankri enters and gets stuck on the gaper

and he’d bang latula really loud behind a tree in the park where kankri goes to read