Lance adopts a russian blue and calls her Socks

Keith is picked by a somali called Mittens


So I have this lil au in my head where Keith and Lance meet when they both visit a cat adoption drive and end up bonding when Lance helps Keith to name his cat. 

I may write a short fic about this if enough people are interested ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Kittens and Mittens

With Gabriel gone for Christmas, Adrien is alone. So he decides to spend as much time as Chat Noir as possible, sleeping during the day and hunting around Paris at night. Until Marinette decides it’s time to intervene.  

Here! Have some Christmas ANGST! Actually, I wrote this a while ago and totally FORGOT ABOUT IT! Now it’s inaccurate because of the Christmas Special, but oh well. Enjoy anyway. 

Part 1


Adrien always tried to get excited about it. Frankly, it was hard not to be. The whole of Paris was festive—trees in parks, people bundled up with hot chocolate, store fronts decorated with lights and garlands. Everyone was abuzz for it all through December, planning and exchanging gifts.

Even Adrien had received a few parcels from his friends the last day before break, which was a first. Ever. Nino had gotten him the new Mecha Strike expansion, which he’d been playing religiously since. Alya had given him a pair of Ladybug socks, saying he’d mentioned them offhand a few months before (he didn’t remember doing so, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed the gift any less). Even Marinette had given him something, which he hadn’t at all expected.

But maybe he should have.

The gloves she’d made him were perfect. Not blue, like the scarf she’d given him for his birthday, but dark green with white accents. The cookies she’d made along with them had been phenomenal as well, though he shouldn’t have expected any less there either.

He’d been a little embarrassed when she’d given him the gifts, to be honest. He’d noticed her signature on the scarf a few months prior and promptly interrogated Nathalie on the subject. She’d confessed to the “mix-up” on threat of him telling his father, which would have gone over poorly for her.

His father hadn’t gotten him anything for his birthday—not even a stupid pen.

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Toddlers in future expansions

I was thinking about what features I’d like to see for toddlers in upcoming ts4 expansions, since they’re a free update and now part of the base game. These are just things off the top of my head for most-requested expansions, since those are the most likely to be made.

Pre list bonus: Vampires - Vampire toddlers going “bleh bleh bleh!”

Pets - Riding big dogs, copying animal behaviors, crying when told they’re not a dog/cat, snuggling pets, chasing the mailman with the dog, reading to pets, pestering the cat, picking out a favorite animal, pretending pets are other animals like lions/elephants/bears, having conversations with pets, eating pet food, sleeping in pet beds, dropping their food mush for the pet to taste

Seasons - Splashing in a kiddie pool, trying cold treats like popsicles for the first time, learning to swim, weather flashcards, playing in leaves, trying to eat leaves, napping in leaves, bringing piles of leaves inside, wearing Spooky day costumes, wearing mittens, getting (and sharing) the sniffles, eating snow, playing in snow, making tiny snowmen, crying because they wanna open presents NOW, crying because they can’t get the wrapping paper off, crying because Snowflake Day just ended, toddler-sized warm cocoa, helping making cookies and making a bigger mess, rolling in mud, playing in the rain, chasing bugs and other springtime critters, crying because they can’t get the butterflies, eating dirt/flowers

University - making homemade (illegible) cards for family members in uni (it’s the thought that counts!)

That’s all I got for now, but please do feel free to add more via replies/reblogs. I’d love to see what you guys would like to see toddlers do c: