A 2016 DCBB || words by mittensmorgul || images by inferification

Dean and Cas might rather forget the traumatic events that brought them into the public eye, but with the help of their friends and family they’ve turned a terrifying experience into a resource of hope and help to others. In the process, they’ve attracted a little bit of attention from an ambitious TV producer who, after discovering Dean’s fear of flying and the fact that Dean and Cas are planning their upcoming wedding, thinks the best present for Dean, Cas, and all of their friends is to send them on a truly incredible honeymoon. Oh, and airplanes. A lot of airplanes.

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I finished uploading the words portion of my dcbb to AO3. All I have to do now is wait for the pictures and then format the LJ masterpost and make one more tumblr masterpost, and then it’s going out into the world. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I should be getting back to my pinefest fic but I’ve spent the last week rereading and editing my dcbb and now feeling that weird mental slump that comes with finishing something, and not feeling up to shifting gears to the other story yet… maybe tomorrow.

I think I might work on a meta thing I’ve been trying to wrap my head around all week by talking out the finer points of it in Mr. Mittens’ general direction. He’s nice enough to nod politely at me while I babble at him at least. :D

Or maybe I can just complain about some more of the SPN Trivial Pursuit questions. Eh. That seems like too daunting a task. Meta thingy wins for tonight, I think.

bondsboffin  asked:

They should hire you for their next trivial pursuit! :D

OH MY GOSH they should hire me for THIS trivial pursuit. I’ve been pulling out the cards I have capital-I issues with when I’ve had the chance to go through them, but far more of them I just stuck back in the box despite thinking that they could do with one of those parentheticals saying “such-and-such is also acceptable here.” Because some of these questions are just awkwardly written. I really do need to make a masterlist of all my issues. Maybe the game folks will see it and repent :D