natgeotravel Video by @danwestergren // #sponsored by @visit_arizona // The views of the Mittens and Merrick Butte from Navajo National Monument Visitor’s Center in northeast Navajo County, Arizona // Even once you see it in person, you may still doubt it’s real. 


Lance adopts a russian blue and calls her Socks

Keith is picked by a somali called Mittens


So I have this lil au in my head where Keith and Lance meet when they both visit a cat adoption drive and end up bonding when Lance helps Keith to name his cat. 

I may write a short fic about this if enough people are interested ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

if nhl players can’t play in the olympics I made a hypothetical roster for canada


  • Élise Béliveau
  • Lionel, the mascot of Boston Pizza
  • The lesser-known 5th Staal brother, Rodney
  • A Canadian Tire sales representative
  • Paul Bissonette
  • An actual, literal cougar
  • Gordon Lightfoot
  • A Shoppers Optimum card
  • Stephen Harper’s burn out son
  • The overwhelming neglect of Indigenous communities 
  •  A crisp winter’s wind
  • A hoard of angry Nordiques fans
  • A potash miner
  • My dad


  • Dwayne the Rock Johnson
  • Snirt (A mixture of snow and dirt)
  • Doug, who works at That Bar in St. Johns
  • A wet mitten
  • An angry goose
  • Galen Weston
  • A teen wearing Birkenstocks in February 
  • The Rogers Centre


  • A losing Roll Up the Rim cup
  • A pair of Roots sweatpants
  • Wolverine