Okay this is obviously about to become a problem so i have to clear things up now.


Yes I believe in gay marriage.

Yes I believe i want to enter into a safe economy when I go to college.

No I do not support Obama.

No I do not think he did anything good for our economy.

No he did not keep us out of a depression, we are basically about to enter one thanks to him.

No I do not think he is truly for gay marriage, he was against it once and had the same moral views as Romney.

No I do not think Romney should make abortions and gay marriage illegal.

No I do not believe Obama will do anything FOR gay marriages, if he was, he would have done it by now.

No I do not think he is going to benefit our economy. He is making the middle and upper class pay for BIRTH CONTROL and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Birth Control is $8, there is basically no excuse to not be able to buy it, and if you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t use it.

Illegal Aliens should not enter the country if they can’t support themselves, i understand that they may be coming from a tough place themselves, but they should atleast be legalized when entering the country.

Yes i know i will get hate for this, but it’s my opinion. If you hate me for it, fine, if not fine. I was raised in a purely Republican household. We are all political with our own views in this house and we support eachother.

So if you can’t deal with it, that sucks. But if Obama is reelected into office, their is basically no hope for the future adults of our country to enter into a safe economy. Only into an economy that has to support everyone around them without getting support themselves.

"If you've got a business - you didn't build that..."

“If you’ve got a business - you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” -Barack Hussein Obama, 7/13/12

Being the daughter of a man who started his own business over 30 years ago and built it up from scratch by himself,this statement particularly bothers me.The only thing that made that happen was persistence, patience, and hard work. But thank you, Obama, for trying to belittle what my dad, and every business owner has done.



I posted a video earlier and captioned it, “If you support Israel, you should not vote for Obama, and this video explains why…”

One of my followers told me that if I support human rights, I shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney.

It’s just like a Liberal to change the subject when they can’t argue with the one at hand, but still, I’d like to address this.

The “War on Women” is a joke.
I am a woman and I don’t want to pay for anyone else’s birth control, nor would I want anyone to pay for mine.
The idea that women are too incompetent to pay for their own birth control is what I find misogynistic.

Do you know the difference between rights and privileges?
If you think a stranger paying for your birth control is a right, then I’m sorry, you are mistaken.
Rights are things which are born into you.
They are intrinsic.
If it’s something you can earn, it is not a right.
And you can earn the money to get your own damn birth control.

If you support Obama, you support a President who invited the Muslim Brotherhood to The White House.
He supports human rights, huh?

He’s a hypocrite.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been keeping women down since they formed, and let us not forget, they hang gay people.

Okay, I assume you’re thinking about gay rights too.

Mitt Romney doesn’t hate gay people.
He said on Univision that if one of his grandchildren were gay, he’d want him to be happy.
He said he believes two people of the same gender can have an adult, loving relationship.
He advocated States’ right, just like your savior Obama, and said that marriages in any state should be recognized in all states…just as our Constitution says.
He said that gay people should be afforded the same rights as married people…so he’s advocating civil unions.
Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

If his religion tells him that marriage is between a man and a woman, but he still wants gay people to have civil unions, I don’t think that translates to, “Mitt Romney hates gay people.”

The way marriage stands now, I think everyone should have equal rights, of course, but if you got the government out of marriage completely, as it should be, religious gay people could find more progressive churches or people who would be willing to perform a religious ceremony to marry them.
If you weren’t religious, you could get a civil union.

I don’t think that’s unfair and I like girls.

Paul Ryan is also a reasonable man.
He recently stated that reversing the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ wouldn’t make any sense now.
That the people who wanted to come out are out and they should just leave it alone.

The reason you have these straw man arguments with regard to social issues is because fiscally, Obama doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I’m a woman and if I ever did get married, it’d probably be to another woman.
But I’m also an unemployed college graduate.

I don’t need to be married, and I’ll never have an abortion, but I do need to survive.
I need to be self-sufficient.
I need to be able to pay my bills.
And I refuse to let taxpayers take care of me.

Obama supports The Muslim Brotherhood who hate women and gays, and who would probably gladly see me executed under Sharia Law.

Obama tramples free speech and blames it for violence against Americans who were only trying to help the country of those who ended up murdering them.

Obama ignores the religious beliefs of Catholics to force them to do something that goes against those beliefs.

Hell, the left even wants to tell us how much pop we can drink, which is ridiculous.

That imposes on my personal freedom.

Mitt Romney offers compromise.
I believe he wants real change, the kind we need, the kind that can have bipartisan support.
He doesn’t want gender warfare, class warfare, and he doesn’t want a race war.

I’ve never seen so much infighting over an election.

Obama has succeeded in doing one thing, and one thing only:

He has succeeded in dividing us.

History will tell the true story of this man and of his supporters, that if you supported Barack Obama, you were either completely uninformed or you were a socialist, content with redistributing wealth from those who worked for it to those who did not.

Self-reliance is an American value.
Theft is not.

I don’t agree with everything Mitt Romney stands for, but I believe he stands for American values, and I believe he loves this country.
I can no longer believe either of those things to be true of Barack Obama.


“We shouldn’t measure compassion by how many people are on welfare.
We should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job.”