Missing Mitt: Romney talks regret with despondent Republicans
A few blocks away, Donald Trump was on a break from the campaign trail to tout his own hotel. By KATIE GLUECK

As the 2016 Republican nominee hawked his new hotel in downtown Washington on Wednesday, the 2012 Republican nominee was a few blocks up the street, giving morose business leaders a taste of what might have been.

Legal reform was ostensibly the subject of Mitt Romney’s address at the ornate U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters Wednesday afternoon. But just about every sentence from the measured 2012 Republican standard-bearer offered a study in contrasts with the fiery, bombastic Donald Trump — and it was clear the well-heeled audience missed him, greeting Romney with a standing ovation.

“Title the speech ‘I told you so,’” Chamber President Tom Donohue said he had suggested of Romney’s keynote. “Of course, he’s a little too polite [for] that.”

And in his speech, which clocked in at just under 13 minutes, Romney was polite, taking only veiled and mild swipes at both Trump and Hillary Clinton — a far cry from his successor’s frequent bouts of name-calling. But more subtly, with his optimistic assertions that America is “the greatest nation in the history of the earth” and his nods to businesses started by first- and second-generation immigrants, Romney offered a clear rebuke to Trump’s often-dark nativism.

“I’ve watched the presidential debates, I’ve looked at the give-and-take, there’s been almost no discussion of those things I’ve described,” he lamented after sketching out economic and educational challenges facing the country. “The national debt and how to deal with it, reforming entitlements, I don’t think either candidate for president has said they’re going to reform entitlements one way or another.”

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Trump confronts Rust Belt rejection
In a region that once seemed primed for his message, Ohio is Trump's last, best hope. By KATIE GLUECK

looked capable of turning the Rust Belt red.

Now, two weeks before Election Day, his best hope is to turn it a lighter shade of blue. His prospects have dwindled to just one industrial swing state — Ohio — and even that is no longer the comfortable bet for Trump it appeared to be as recently as a month ago.

“It is a toss-up,” said Mark Weaver, a veteran Ohio Republican operative, saying that the GOP nominee’s momentum in September was halted after the release of a tape on which Trump could be heard bragging about sexual assault. “It was trending toward Trump. The tape stopped that; it did not reverse it.”

That’s at least a more promising scenario for Trump than the predicament he faces elsewhere in a region that once seemed primed for his message. In Michigan, the Hillary Clinton campaign never felt threatened enough to go up on the air with ads. Trump trails in polls there by roughly 9 points, according to POLITICO’s Battleground States polling average. In Pennsylvania, the story is much the same: Clinton has been ahead in the past 26 public polls conducted in the state. In Wisconsin, where Clinton has also never bothered to air ads, she’s ahead by an average of 5 points — she’s led in the dozen polls released since July.

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That both Mitt Romney and Phil Robertson have and love black grandbabies should remind us that racism is not primarily about individual attitudes. White folks can love individual black people and still build a world that is inhospitable to black folks. In fact, individual and exceptional black achievers are necessary to maintain the lie of racial progress. Their presence has very little to do with systemic change, though.
—  Brittney Cooper, White Supremacy Wins Again: Melissa Harris Perry and the Racial False Equivalence

I remember a moment during the 2012 Presidential Debates when Mitt Romney accidentally referred to the Affordable Care Act as “Obamacare,” and then quickly apologized to the President and said he wasn’t using the word “Obamacare” disrespectfully, and Obama just waved him off and said he didn’t mind.

…..Do you guys remember when that counted as debate drama?

……Do you guys remember when the worst we had to worry about was Mitt Romney?