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iam-mediocrelanguagelearner  asked:

hi, I've got a swedish question. I'm learning new verbs and I've come across "Orkar". Duo says it's "to have enough energy", but I really can't find any czech translation or even a good english one? So, my question is, does orka mean to have enough energy?

Yes, “orka” is one of those words that are hard to translate and it changes meaning a little depending on the context. (but in most cases it’s something along the lines of have the energy to)

Mitt rum är så stökigt men jag orkar verkligen inte städa. - My room is so messy but I really don’t have the energy to clean (because you just don’t want to, you are tired/you feel like it’s too much effort)

Orkar du bära den där själv? - Are you strong enough to carry that one by yourself? (You might ask this while your friend is lifting a box or something. Implying that it seems heavy and it’s kind of an offer to help carry it)

Orkar ni 30 minuter till eller ska vi ta en rast? - Can you manage 30 more minutes or should we take a break? (Your teacher might ask this in the middle of class, asking if your brains are still alert or if you need to take a break to recharge)

Jag orkar inte med honom, han är så himla jobbig. - I can’t stand him, he is so freaking annoying 

Jag orkar inte bry mig längre - I don’t even care anymore (Me, when everything is shit and how could anything possibly get worse so you just stop caring because there is no use)

I hope this was kinda helpful, as I said, it’s a very versatile word but it’s also a very nice one that I often miss in English