mitt romney is a table

What makes Alaska special? There’s a certain symbolic significance to passing marijuana legalization in a Republican-controlled red state. Colorado, Washington and Oregon all went for President Barack Obama in 2012, with Oregon giving Mitt Romney only 42% of the vote.

The tables are turned, though, in Alaska, where Romney received 55% of the vote. When it comes to public perception, it’s one thing for hippie Pacific Northwest states to legalize weed. It’s a whole ‘nother story for the deep red state that gave us Sarah Palin to do the same thing.

anonymous asked:

Kinda dirty confession? My step-brother likes to hog the bathroom for one-to-two hours at a time. One night when he finally left and I went to piss I found a porn magazine he left behind. So I did what any ''''mature'''' adult would do and drew all over the magazine with sharpies and taped Mitt Romney's face in place of the womens faces and left it on the table for him to find later.

You did the right thing