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What do you think about Hillary Clinton allegedly taking part in a racial joke?

If Hillary knew that Mayor de Blasio was telling that “joke” about CP time, it was really, really dumb, and I think she did know because she was too quick with the “cautious politician time” response for that not to have been written for her (in my opinion). For a lot of people that might be an embarrassing and inappropriate situation, but in a Presidential campaign, things like that can be very damaging. Just look at what happened with Mitt Romney and his comment about the 47%, or Obama talking about voters “cling to their guns or religion” – those little stumbles can resonate with a lot of people. 

That was shitty advance work by Hillary’s campaign if they didn’t know the joke was coming, but this is a Presidential campaign, so I’’m almost certain that Hillary didn’t go up there blind. She must have known that joke was coming because she had a quick response for it, so that can’t even be blamed on poor advance work – she’s personally at fault in that case. And de Blasio never should have put her in that position. The Mayor never should have put himself in that position either. Even if you are married to a black woman and have bi-racial children, as Mayor de Blasio does, you don’t get a free pass on race. That’s the type of “joke” or remark someone makes when they have irrational confidence about how they are perceived by people from other ethnic groups; it’s almost a form of cultural arrogance, as if de Blasio feels like he can say something racially insensitive because he can always pull the “I have a black family” card. At the very least, it is cultural clumsiness. That’s not okay. When you’re the Mayor of the nation’s largest city, you’ve got to set an example and stay in your lane.

(Also, props to Leslie Odom, Jr., for immediately calling the Mayor out on the “joke”. I don’t know if LO Jr’s response was also in the skit’s dialogue, but it felt real and was definitely what needed to be said. Props to the audience, too. They let that “joke” DIE in the room. It got the exact response that it deserved from the audience.)