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The Signs as Old Tumblr Relic Posts
  • Aries: do you love the color of the sky?
  • Taurus: none pizza with left beef
  • Gemini: the moreos guy
  • Cancer: are fedoras really that bad?
  • Leo: the one claiming the McNuggets were made of Tubby Custard
  • Virgo: mitt romney sucks pass it on
  • Libra: John Green's "when's the last time the girl kissed the guy?!!??"
  • Scorpio: the mishapocolypse in its entirety
  • Sagittarius: that post where like 15 blonde people were like "u look like me"
  • Capricorn: the girl who walked out of class and then ended up in her principal's office scrolling through tumblr
  • Aquarius: Moon moon
  • Pisces: the fluffy chicken post

These are all the best reactions to that eerily Twin-Peaks-esque photo of Mitt Romney dining with Donald Trump on Tuesday

One potential snag? The pair has some ugly history. A photo snapped by press covering the encounter appeared to make that painfully obvious. But hey, these two are trying! (Sort of?) The New York Times even called it an “awkward courtship," which is sort of putting it mildly.