SPYAIR Discography (320kbps Download) *UPDATED 12/19/14*

SPYAIR albums aren’t available in some countries so I uploaded these for those who can’t buy them.

If you’re lucky and they sell it in your country,

PLEASE purchase their albums to support them. ♥



Can You Listen (Indie days | 128kpbs) - Mega

Rockin’ The World - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Just Do It (2 Discs) AnonFiles | Mega

Million (2 Discs) - AnonFiles | Mega


LIAR -  AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Last Moment - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Japanication - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot) - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Beautiful Days - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Movin’ On - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

My World - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

0 Game - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Naked - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Rock This Way (SEAMO x SPYAIR) - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Wendy ~It’s You~ - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Sakura Mitsutsuki - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Niji - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Genjou Destruction (Regular & Limited Edition) - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Just One Life - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Imagination - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

LIVE (Audio Only)

NAGOYA SAKAE - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

SOLD OUT - AnonFiles | BitShare | Mega

Watch on

SPYAIR x GINTAMA CONCERT, LIVE現状ディストラクション + サクラミツツキ + サムライハート

Words nearly cannot express how grateful I am to them for the songs that they contributed to this timeless series, and how I will cherish them for bringing me back some time ago.

SPYAIR, you are definitely eternal for me.


It’s been a while since I wanted to draw something like this, my first idea was to do a Yoshiwara AU but mehhh~ how to draw the courtesans kimonos and hair?! orz

Also for the first time in my life I really wanted to do a decent bg, I hope to improve them OTL but for the time, I don’t give shit about proportions wooooo *ugly sobbing*. All the paterns were done by myself so I’m sorry if they look so ugly.

I was listening Samurai Heart and Sakura Mitsutsuki over and over for inspiration but I got more Gintama feels than inspiration, anyway, enjoy this thing and happy korrasami valentines day folks!

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[2014.03.26 Shibuya Kokaido] SPYAIR MILLION Tour 2013.VOB

7 Parts (a total of 6.98gb)


OVERLOAD, Genjou Destruction (現状ディストラクション), Last Moment, WENDY ~It’s You~, Are You Champion? Yeah!! I’m Champion!!, Naked, GUITAR SOLO (UZ), Sakura Mitsutsuki (サクラミツツキ), Winding Road, 16 And Life, My Friend, DRUM SOLO (Kenta), 0 GAME, Supersonic, BASS SOLO (Momiken), STAND UP, Turning Point, Kanjou Discord (感情ディスコード), Japanication (ジャパニケーション), サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!), Ameagari ni Saku Hana (雨上がりに咲く花), Niji (虹), JUST ONE LIFE, SINGING

I posted the download links to this blog, but you have to ask me first for the password to enter. Please send me your real name, agecountry and personal Facebook page (don’t worry, it’ll be safe with me). You must like and reblog this post. If I did not reply within 24 hours, send me another one because I might have not received it. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD TO OTHERS. Link them to this post instead, thank you.

I’m sorry but I’ll have to be strict with this, the DVD was just released this year and I’ll feel really guilty if I just shared this publicly to anonymous people without putting any effort, aside from not paying any cent. I just considered this request by some fellow fans :)