1. “I want to be entertained”~ Shadow Yosuke

2. “I want to protect everyone”~ Shadow Chie

3. “I want to make my own decisions”~ Shadow Yukiko

4. “I want to be accepted”~ Shadow Kanji

5. “I want to know who I am”~ Shadow Rise

6. “I want to know what I am”~ Shadow Teddie

7. “I want to feel something”~ Shadow Mitsuo

8. “I want to be respected”~ Shadow Naoto

9. “I want to save them”~ Shadow Namatame

10. “I want the world to change”~ Shadow Adachi


The OPENING that I directed, storyboarded and animation-supervised for “Atom the Beginning”. Art-director: Jun Kumaori /
『アトム ザ・ビギニング』アニメのオープニングを演出と絵コンテと作画監督しました。/ OP美術監督とカラースクリプト:くまおり純 
・久保田 誓・伍 柏諭・Jonathan Djob Nkondo ・山下 清悟
・川野 達朗・森匡三・榎戸 駿・土上いつき・佐田とし
・黄 成希・末澤 慧・吉松孝博・磯 光雄・吉田大洋
OP Title Motion-Design: 松野貴仁-Maxilla Inc.

Cut animated by Mitsuo Iso (director of Dennou Coil).

By this point in time, Iso was an established veteran key animator who had worked on big anime productions like Ghost in the Shell, two Gundam movies, Porco Rosso, Evangelion, and Perfect Blue. The fact Mamoru Hosoda got a KA of this caliber to work on a pilot for a mostly original kids anime franchise is mind-boggling.