Charlotte goes on Eternal Hiatus

Visual kei band Charlotte has just announced their disbandment following the passing of their vocalist Kazuno in April.

Although Mitsujou, Touya, and Takane have all addressed the issue on their personal blogs, the following message comes from bassist Ruka’s blog:

“Charlotte’s future activities were uncertain, and following a discussion between all band members, we have decided that the best decision is to go on an "eternal hiatus”. We would like to apologize for the sudden, one-sided announcement. However, Charlotte began as a five-member band with Kazuno, Touya, Mitsujou, Ruka and Takane, and Charlotte is only complete with all five members.“

When Charotte first began as a band, it agreed that should anything happen to one of its members, the best course of action would be to disband. The band had played together for the past 10 years.
Ruka concludes that each member will now take his own course. He thanks everyone who supported the band and asks for fans to continue to “hold a special place for Charlotte in their hearts”.