mitsuhisa kuji
RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Hungry Like the Wolfsmund

Of all the topics for a medieval-themed manga, who would have picked a Swiss border patrol station? Wolfsmund takes this unlikely idea and makes it something noteworthy, with tales of rebel underdogs risking their lives against an imperialist regime. The violent, fast-paced fights and breathless chase scenes make a strong impression early on, but what’s even more striking is the heart-wrenching outcome of each chapter…. [T]he arrival of a famous Swiss historical figure is what really energizes this story. His heroic feats—mountaineering, marksmanship, and taking on impossible odds—are the apex of this volume, a nonstop flow of action that can only be described as stunning…Well-researched costumes and convincing backgrounds also add to the element of realism.

ANN gave Wolfsmund part 1 a B. How would you grade this first volume?