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Osomatsu-san character headcanons 1/?


–He regularly plays first-person shooter games, and is always killed by the same six-year old kid, who has since become his arch enemy.

–He’s secretly very heteroflexible. This becomes far more apparent when he’s drunk.

–His favorite type of music is electronic pop and dubstep. If he ever hears it, he physically can’t stop himself from breakdancing, (pretty badly.)


–Loves Queen and idolizes Freddie Mercury to no end. He’s why Kara dresses the way he does.

–Raging bisexual

–Once paid Chibita two-thousand yen to kiss him. Chibita did it for free.

–Can’t eat, smell, or look at oden without thinking of Chibita.

–Practically bathes in cologne


–Used to keep his body hair trimmed, but now grows it out because it drives Chibita insane.

–Got matching oden tattoos with Chibita on their one-year anniversary.

–Proud user and proponent of boxer briefs


–At parties, he tends to just pace around and make frequent trips to the snack table for just one chip. If someone strikes up a conversation with him, he tends to overshare, and will end up cursing himself for this on the way home.

–When he’s drawing non-weaboo shit, he’s actually a really good artist, but he can’t see it despite all the compliments he gets.

–He does caricatures for money on the boardwalk. He’s actually made a few friends because of this.

–Loves to sculpt and make pottery but hates getting clay under his nails.

–He made a clay teapot in pottery class for his mother when he was little, and it’s one of her most prized possessions.

–Constantly tries to broaden his musical tastes but always ends up sticking with what he likes, that being vocal jazz and anime soundtracks.


–Has several notebooks full of either very gory stick figure comics or cat doodles. Nothing else.

–Is obsessed with Imperial Japan and World War II, which makes his family pretty uncomfortable. He bought an original Rising Sun flag online and keeps it in one of his notebooks. He also likes listening to Japanese war songs.

–Carries a switchblade at all times.

–Absolutely reeks of sweat, cat hair, and Doritos. The smell will stay in a room even after he’s left.

–Once sprinkled catnip around the outside of the house to attract cats.

–Has eaten wet cat food more than once despite his parents telling him not to.


–Collects baseball hats from famous players

–Had a pet rock and lost it. Was inconsolable for three days.


–Impeccable hygiene, uses handmade mint oatmeal soap he buys online

–When he came out as gay, absolutely no one was surprised. (Mrs. Matsuno also owed Mr. Matsuno a thousand yen because of a bet they had.)

–Gave up pursuing Totoko and instead became her best friend. They go shopping together, do each other’s nails, and talk shit about the other Matsuno brothers behind their backs.

–Can love just about any music except country or heavy metal

–At first he dated Atsushi just for his money, but immediately afterwards he actually fell in love with him

–King of Cuddling

–The living embodiment of the twink

–Wears underwear with lace


–Still shampoos even though he’s pretty much bald.

–Normally just cooks oden, but he can cook anything perfectly if he has a vague idea of how its made.

–Secretly loves Italian and Chinese food and feels like he’s cheating on his oden whenever he eats it

–Now can’t sleep unless he’s spooning with Karamatsu

–Very protective of his single hair

–Keeps a pair of Kara’s sunglasses at his stand and looks at them whenever business is slow

–Krazy about Karaboy


–Would do anything for a teacup poodle

–Has appeared in several bad Mitsubishi dealership commercials

–Refuses to eat any bread that isn’t a baguette

–Has to buy a new toothbrush every week