A Perfectly Typical Family

During character creation:

DM:  Ok, so tell me about Starfur.  She’s an orc?

Player 1:  No, I decided she’s an elf.  But she was raised by gnomes, so she thinks she’s a gnome.

DM:  And is Bloodguzzler still her daughter?

Player 1:  Yeah, and SHE’S an orc because the father was an orc.

DM:  So like, half-elf half-orc.

Player 2:  But she thinks she’s a dwarf.

Player 1:  Yes, exactly.

DM:  Are Mitsy and Betsy Starfur’s daughters also?

Player 1:  Yes, but they’re adopted, so they’re dwarves.

DM:  And Bloodguzzler’s boyfriend is Stinky, who’s a goblin pretending to be a halfling-

Entire table:  -named Magnificent Steve!

Player 1:  Which Starfur doesn’t approve of.

Player 2:  But we rolled for pregnancy and it’s triplets.  They’re gonna give their kids elvish names.

DM:  Yeah, this is gonna be a good campaign.

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…Yep, I didn’t really understand what you meant by WIP of Pokémon or which characters, but I went with the idea of sketching them and the main characters of the anime first season. (There’s also a shit ton of characters now, with the cartoon and the games !!)

Yeah, I’m sorry anon, I completely forgot that you wanted them barefooted too.