Jean Mitry’s masterpiece of cinematographic coordination, Pacific 231, set to the music by Arthur Honegger of the same name. 

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F.G. Mitri
[ Abstract ]
Based on the partial-wave series expansion (PWSE) method in spherical coordinates, a formal analytical solution for the acoustic scattering of a zeroth-order Bessel acoustic beam centered on a rigid fixed (oblate or prolate) spheroid is provided. The unknown scattering coefficients of the spheroid are determined by solving a system of linear equations derived for the Neumann boundary condition. Numerical results for the modulus of the backscattered pressure (\theta = \pi) in the near-field and the backscattering form function in the far-field for both prolate and oblate spheroids are presented and discussed, with particular emphasis on the aspect ratio (i.e., the ratio of the major axis over the minor axis of the spheroid), the half-cone angle of the Bessel beam \beta, and the dimensionless frequency. The plots display periodic oscillations (versus the dimensionless frequency) due to the interference of specularly reflected waves in the backscattering direction with circumferential Franz’ waves circumnavigating the surface of the spheroid in the surrounding fluid. Moreover, the 3D directivity patterns illustrate the near and far-field axisymmetric scattering. Investigations in underwater acoustics, particle levitation, scattering, and the detection of submerged elongated objects and other related applications utilizing Bessel waves would benefit from the results of the present study.

Mitry Lawyers in defamation matter against franchise chain

Richard Mitry and Danielle Kroon of Mitry Lawyers are acting in a defamation matter against a major franchise restaurant chain.

In that case, it is alleged that an email was sent by the franchisor that was defamatory of a business consultant and his business. The action is before the Supreme Court of NSW.

Here is a link to a Fairfax article about the action:


Mr Mitri Reel 2015

"Una storia un po' così" del gruppo Melemarce in scena al Teatro Studio Uno di Roma



Una Storia Un po’ così

Lo spettacolo punk per tutta la famiglia

di  Silvio Impegnoso

musiche originali Marco Polito

progetto grafico e foto di scena Niccolò Muccio

luci Daniele De Mitri

con Silvio Impegnoso e Marco Polito

Dal 28 al 30  maggio 2015

Teatro Studio Uno, Via Carlo della Rocca, 6

Al Teatro Studio Uno per il progetto “Non è un Teatro per Giovani | Scene Under 25” dal

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Authors' reply to comment on "self-expandable metal stents for malignant colonic obstruction: data from a retrospective regional SIED-AIGO study" by R. Di Mitri, F. Mocciaro, M. Traina et al. [Digestive and Liver Disease 2014;46:279-82].

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