“Update: I was able to take my first steps yesterday at a new and comfortable rehab facility called Burwood Hospital. I took my first poo in 6 days which was amazing, but still a pain in the ass 💩. My nerves on my right hand are coming back to normal and most importantly everything is looking bright for the future. I am very fortunate to have such amazing frends and family. Life is good, even when its a pain in the neck :) Thank you all so much for your continuous love & support! Please do me a favor and send some of that positive love and energy over to @alyona_elena_alekhina_key. She had an unfortunate accident in Mammoth this spring and is on the road to recovery. Much love to you Alyona, the positive vibes are in the air!!! ❤ #peace at Burwood Hospital”

-Luke Mitrani