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Kuroko no Basket season 3 episode 25

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Either! Both! Any and all of the above! I love crime fighting and silly, I'd love to hear anything you have to say about it. I also love any AU that involves weird powers. You have silly power headcanons? Let's hear 'em. Costumed vigilante headcanons? Bring 'em on.


this is an AU that I already have pretty well thought out so I’m giving a quick s/o to floral-princex​ who discussed all the powers with me ages ago

some notes: in this AU girls tend to get their powers earlier because they go through puberty earlier.  also, it’s not uncommon for someone to get a power for a short time and then lose it before their real power comes in.  there’s generally a period of flux before the ability settles, and the age range for settling stretches from about 11 to 25.

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Seirin’s powers:

  • Hyuuga: He can make little things teleport.  It seems cool, but the range is severely limited, to the point where he only uses it to get his pencil/eraser/notebook out of his bag without having to reach for it.  They played with it a lot when it first manifested (last year of middle school) and the furthest he’s ever managed was his eraser to Izuki’s desk, about three rows over and one up from where he sat.
  • Kiyoshi: The dude smells like flowers literally all the time.  It’s incredible (and it changes based on his mood).  Riko only claims that she likes him bc he doesn’t stink like the rest of her boys.  His manifested pretty early, when he was about twelve, but it faded in and out for a few months before sticking.
  • Izuki: He????  Can grow these tiny little hands out of any part of his body??  It’s disgusting and hilarious because he’s always saying things like “let me give you a hand with that.”  Mostly he uses it to tie his shoes without bending over.
  • Tsuchida: He blows bubbles out of his nose.  He can make bubble donuts (like smoke rings) and cubes and, if he concentrates really hard, he can get them to form chains.  He got all kinds of weird powers when his was in flux and it only settled at the end of his first year of high school.
  • Koganei: His hasn’t settled/manifested yet and it probably won’t until he’s out of high school.  His family is full of late bloomers.
  • Mitobe: He’s a magnet for loose change.  If he concentrates he can locate all the dropped coins around.  It’s incredible.  Kuroko’s just a few yen short for something he wanted to buy from a vending machine and it takes Mitobe about thirty seconds to wander off and come back with enough loose change to buy three drinks.
  • Furihata: This kid is the funniest, oh god.  Okay, so he comes from a p average family (mom can keep ice cubes/ice cream/cold foods from melting, dad can stack any set of objects you give him, brother can whistle several octaves above and below normal human range) and there’s nothing super remarkable about any of their talents, as far as these things go.  But poor Furi has been fluctuating from one weird-ass skill to another since he was ten years old.  He woke up one morning levitating above his bed, but it wore off before lunch.  He’s been able to see through walls and summon gumballs.  He’s used to it by now, but the team thinks it’s hilarious that every few weeks he’ll come in with a new talent that’ll disappear in a few days.  His current concern is that he swears he heard the neighbors’ dog say good morning to him yesterday and he’s not sure if he wants to become the literal dog whisperer.
  • Kawahara: He can hold his breath for up to five minutes and grow webbing between his fingers and toes if he’s submerged in water.  It’s not something that he really shows off, but it only settled recently and he’s still not entirely sure if it’s going to be permanent.
  • Fukuda: His hasn’t settled yet either and he’s a little jealous of Furihata and all the cool things he gets to do to be honest.
  • Riko: She got hers before the guys did (it’s probably linked to puberty - there are scientists for this sort of thing) and she can accurately guess any and all measurements at a glance.  Weight?  She’s on it.   Height?  No problem.  Square footage of this room?  You’d better believe she knows it.  Number of jellybeans in a jar?  She’ll get it right every time.  It makes chemistry super easy for her and you’d think that it would carry over into some kind of baking talent but no, she’s still a disaster in the kitchen.
  • Kagami: His hasn’t settled yet, as of the end of his first year of high school, but when it does it’ll end up being some kind of temperature resistance.  Like, he can pull cookie sheets out of the oven with his bare hands.  Oh, and he’ll never have to buy a winter coat again or worry about catching a cold because cold temperatures won’t affect him much either.
  • Kuroko: His won’t manifest until he’s at least a third year.  When it does though it just ups his ability to scare people even more.  He basically gains super minor telekinesis that manifests as the same set of skills a ghost would have.  He can make lights flicker and doors creak and knock things over from across the room.  He thinks it’s hilarious.  Kagami thinks it’s wildly unfair.

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Koganei helping Mitobe to ask out his crush because y'know, he doesn't talk? These two need more love! :)

This was slightly hard to write because, well, as you said, Mitobe doesn’t talk, so there’s just a lot of gesturing and head-nods going on. I hope you like this though!

“This has got to be one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever seen,” Hyuuga mused, almost half to himself. Next to him, Izuki nodded sagely.

Kagami looked between the two of them curiously. “What conversation?”

Simultaneously Hyuuga and Izuki pointed, at Koganei and Mitobe standing across each other at the bleachers, Mitobe making vague hand gestures and nodding a bit, while Koganei kept gasping in surprise and going, “Oh! Yeah I see what you mean!”

Kagami looked at his upperclassmen helplessly. “ does he…?”

“Nobody knows,” Izuki replied wisely.

It was then that Koganei came bounding over, looking immensely excited while Mitobe was looking nervous. “Guys! Guys! Mitobe wants my help asking out his crush, do you guys have any ideas?”


“Isn’t it easier if I just translate for you?” Koganei asked.

Mitobe shook his head, looking concerned. Koganei watched him for a couple of seconds, then nodded vigorously. “I see. You want to show your real feelings for them yourself! Mitobe, you’re really a man among men!”

Hyuuga, who was sitting a couple of tables away, shook his head almost despairingly. “I don’t know what’s more painful,” he remarked to Kiyoshi. “Me struggling to understand Mitobe, or Koga translating his words and making it look so easy.”

“Now, now.” Kiyoshi smiled. “It seems Mitobe really likes this person.”

“What’re you talking about?”

Kiyoshi gestured back at the pair of second-years just as Koganei stood up and exclaimed, “I’ve got an idea! Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”

And Koganei promptly sped off in the direction of the art classroom, leaving Mitobe sitting at the table looking a little dazed but happy.

“Mitobe doesn’t talk much, but for the person he likes, he won’t take any shortcuts and he wants to stay himself when he confesses. Normally he’s alright with Koga translating for him, but he doesn’t want that this time.” When Hyuuga still looked confused, Kiyoshi smiled. “I know who it is that he’s crushing on. And let me tell you, it’s good that Mitobe plans to confess, because I think he understands them.”

At that moment, Koganei returned with a batch of large white boards, like canvases, and a handful of thick permanent markers which he dumped carelessly on the table where Mitobe was. “Here’s the stuff you need! Now let’s get to work! We gotta get your love life going!”

Kiyoshi gave Hyuuga a pat on the shoulder. “You’ll see.”

You were humming quietly under your breath during an after-class lecture, doodling in your notebook, when your classmate nudged you and pointed outside. You followed their gaze and saw Mitobe, standing shyly by the window, and a smile broke across your face.

When you waved at him, Mitobe’s eyes lit up and, strangely, he took a pile of white boards from his friend, a shorter boy with a cat-like face. Shifting the weight of the boards, and making sure your teacher couldn’t see him, Mitobe held up the first board at the window.

Hi. I hope this isn’t a bad time.

Your friends were nudging you and giving you knowing smiles. You shook your head at them, even though you were smiling too and your heart was racing. Mitobe blinked and moved to the next board.

I don’t know if you know me but I know you.

You’re the one who feeds the cats on the school campus

even when the teachers tell you not to.

You’re the one who writes poems on recycled test papers

and folds them into airplanes and throws them to the children next door.

You’re the one who sings

even though you can’t hear it.

Upon reaching for the next board, Koganei dropped the whole pile on the ground and for a moment there was terrified panic on Mitobe’s face, and both boys disappeared from the window to gather the boards. You almost laughed aloud if not for the teacher turning around to look at the textbook, then facing the blackboard again to write.

Mitobe looked back at you anxiously and you gave him a reassuring nod. He smiled and held up the next card.

I know I’m not like the others, because I’m not good with words…

But this is something I really wanted to say

for a long, long time.

I really like you.

Then the next one: Go out with me?

It was at that point that the bell rang signalling the end of class; and Koganei and Mitobe watched eagerly as you packed up all of your things and rushed out of the classroom before the teacher even had time to dismiss you.

Koganei nudged Mitobe excitedly. “Go on!”

When you came out to face Mitobe, Koganei looked over you, a little apprehensive. Sure, you looked nice, and you were a little taller than most other people, being only a little shorter than Mitobe, but other than that he couldn’t see why his friend liked you so much.

Then his jaw dropped open as you smiled shyly at Mitobe and held up your hands, pointing to yourself, then Mitobe. Then you raised your right hand to your chin, thumb and forefinger spread in a tick symbol, and pulling your hand downwards to your chest to close the gap.

I like you too.

Koganei looked at Mitobe in confusion, only to see Mitobe smiling and signing back to you, slowly. Understanding finally dawned on him - so this was why Mitobe liked you, and wanted to confess to you in his own way.

People called the two of you the most quiet couple around, but neither you nor Mitobe cared. He was trying his best to learn sign language too, while you tried to improve your lip-reading to make it easier whenever there was something he didn’t know how to sign and Koga helped him translate.

Besides, who says that you can’t fall in love without words? Maybe it’s the silence that connects the two of you the most.


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