just watched a rlly good episode of malcolm in the middle!!!

in this episode, dewey invites one of his friends over that he knows from being in the “special ed” class and his dad isn’t happy about it and is extremely agitated that deweys friend is going through the house and rearranging everything they own in his preferred order

dewey is upset that hal (his dad) isnt treating his friend respectfully just because hes acting different. eventually in the episode, deweys friend is being really destructive and ruining the floor, so hal offers him an alternate compulsion (stim basically) and introduces him to an encyclopedia and a pen and tells him that he fills in the holes in all the letters in the book with a pen and that he should do the same

i think this was a really neat episode considering it was released around the early 2000s, malcolm in the middle is a pretty ahead of its time show i think but this one stuck out 2 me because it showed internalized ableism and finding alternatives to harmful stims?? wtf thats pretty cool

it shows hal being ashamed because he was most likely being harsh towards the kid and dewey because hal has things in common with deweys friend that hes insecure about, and hal bringing the alternate stim to him shows he understands his actions more than it seems

as someone thats acted badly based on internalized ableism and insecurities this episode was really interesting! not saying it has the best representation of autistic/disabled kids in genral but considering the time period the episode came out i think it was really cool to watch and i wish there was more out there that discusses the same subject :‘3