And now, from the “this is so cute it’s absolutely insane” file, comes an adorable photo of Mitik, a baby walrus who now resides at The Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium. The NY Times chronicled how the little orphan wound up at our fellow NYC cultural institution, and the captivating story (as well as the great photo) won us all over. This new photo by Julie Larsen Maher @ WCS is currently on the Bronx Zoo’s Facebook page, and it was so cute, we HAD to share it. In Mitik’s honor, we also wanted to share all of the many walrus-related books we have in our collection - check one out today!

A Fat, Mustachioed Orphan Finds a Home

“If Mit is resting with his head on my lap, sucking my fingers, looking sweetly into my eyes, and Pak comes anywhere near us, he pops up, yells at Pak and tries to head-butt him,” she said. “Then he’ll turn to me and be all cuddly again. We say he is small, but scrappy — the perfect New Yorker.”


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How employees at the the Alaska SeaLife Center care for two orphaned walruses

(via Caring for Orphaned Walruses Video | Smithsonian Magazine)


Way back in 2012, orphaned baby walrus Mitik made the move to Brooklyn and settled into his new home at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Like so many new Brooklynites, he was sort of confused and had the scraggly beginnings of a mustache:

External image

Everyone loves him, because he is the best.  Stephen Colbert agrees. 

He also dealt with Sandy like a champ

As he settled into Brooklyn, his whiskers grew fuller, and he developed strong opinions, such as “Seaweed is the new kale.”

External image

Now Mitik has grown some kick-ass tusks and moved to Texas to enjoy the warmer weather and the company of other walruses, since he basically thinks he is a human

We miss you, Mitik. Come back soon.