it’s the mitford sisters dream cast! >> nancy mitford, portrayed by rebecca hall

Eldest sister. Best known for novels such as

The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate. Ardent Francophile. Likes witty people, Gaston Palewski, shopping at Christian Dior, and marrying a man whose only redeeming quality is responding to invitations from the German ambassador in Yiddish.

“Oh darling, you know I don’t know how to take things out of ovens, one’s poor hands….Besides, I do so hate getting up early.”

it’s the mitford sisters dream cast! » unity mitford, portrayed by romola garai

Third Reich fangirl extraordinaire, and therefore Diana’s partner-in-crazy. Madly in love with Adolf Hitler and all that he represents. Shoots herself in the head when war breaks out between Germany and England (and lives to tell the tale!), and her Best Fuhrer Forever pays the hospital bills. Said to be quite creative and unique, abhorrent political views aside. Talents include collaging, making totally rational decisions!!!, carving swastikas into windows with a diamond ring, and stealing writing paper from Buckingham Palace.

“Yesterday about 12, on my way to the hairdresser, I was walking up the Ludwigstrasse & just going to cross one of the side streets & to my astonishment in front sat the Fuhrer. When I got to the hairdresser I felt quite faint & my knees were giving, you know how one does when one sees him unexpectedly.”

it’s the mitford sisters dream cast! » diana mitford, portrayed by imogen poots

The great beauty of the family. Although extremely sweet, intelligent and charming on a personal level, this is all but canceled out by high levels of The Crazy. Married into the Guinness brewing family as a teenager, but caused quite the scandal by leaving her husband for Oswald Mosley, #1 Fascist. Thinks Hitler is a “darling man” who never would have been capable of annihilating an entire race. Actual quote: “I am not fond of Jews.” Not surprisingly, imprisoned for the majority of World War II. Enjoys leaving her diary out in the open for her completely sane father to read, playing “Tea For Two” on the organ at church, being shunned by Jessica, and holding some deeply questionable political views.

“[The objections to her marriage are] probably really because Bryan’s family made their money in trade. They don’t like the idea of poor Diana being advertised on posters. ‘Guinness Is Good For You,’ you know.”

it’s the mitford sisters dream cast! » deborah mitford, portrayed by holliday grainger

The youngest sister. Still alive and fabulous at the age of 92. Fulfilled a childhood dream of marrying a duke and became Duchess of Devonshire in 1950. Lifelong Elvis aficionado; when asked if she would rather have tea with Elvis or Adolf Hitler (the go-to answer of about half her sisters), she replied: "Elvis, of course! What an extraordinary question.“ Great friends with the Kennedys. Falsely described by Nancy as having a mental age of nine. Unexpectedly hilarious for a duchess. Enjoys holding meetings in linen closets, visiting Graceland, restoring stately homes, and being immortal.

“On hearing the news of Pam and Derek’s engagement, the infatuated Debo slid gracefully onto the flagstones in a dead faint.

it’s the mitford sisters dream cast! » pamela mitford, portrayed by rosamund pike

The quiet sister. Married a brilliant atomic physicist after considering a proposal from John Betjeman. Likes include, but are not limited to: pretending to be a horse, recovering from polio like a boss, having tea with Hitler (“OH MY GOD THAT WAS ONE TIME!”), and pampering her dogs.

SOPHISTICATION, Blessed dame! Sure they have heard her call / Yes, even Gentle Pamela, most rural of them all.