mitford industry

For the prison administrator, whether s/he be warden, sociologist, or psychiatrist, “individualized treatment” is primarily a device for breaking the convict’s will to resist and hounding him into compliance with institution demands, and is thus a means of exerting maximum control over the convict population. The cure will be deemed effective to the degree that the poor/young/brown/black captive appears to have capitulated to his middle class/white/middle-aged captor, and to have adopted the virtues of subservience to authority, industry, cleanliness, docility.
—  Jessica Mitford | Kind & Unusual Punishment
There was much worse drama when Linda, aged twelve, told the daughters of neighbours, who had come to tea, what she supposed to be the facts of life. Linda’s presentation of the “facts” had been so gruesome that the children left Alconleigh howling dismally, their nerves permanently impaired, their future chances of a sane and happy sex life much reduced.
—  Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love