Bdellidae: Snout mites are abundant in many habitats and are diverse, but relatively poorly known. They hunt on surfaces for small invertebrate prey which they suck dry with their distinctive snout. Here’s four from the Dandenong Ranges National Park, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia: three of these images are of mites that were living on the under-surface of leaves, and the other - a different species - on the surface of a moist, rotten log.

Today’s episode of @drawfee made me realize how much of a geek I truly am. However, @julialepetit‘s interpretation of Bat-Mite did make me giggle. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Of Mice and Vets.

A few years ago when I was a fresh faced, ready for anything newly graduated veterinarian I was working in a mixed practice when I discovered one of the simple truths that every new grad vet should know.

Your bosses will make you see every exotic animal that they don’t remember how to deal with.

Consequently, new grads often end up seeing most of the rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats, mice and reptiles that the good ol’ boss just feels ‘a bit rusty’ on. After all, that book learning should still be fresh in your head, right?

Which is why very early on I had a little patient called Mouse, who was a mouse, who was presented to me in a tissue box (that he very nearly ate his way out of in the waiting room) by a nearly 7ft tall sausage fingered man who very well could have been Lenny from 'Of Mice and men’.

Mouse had a problem. Mouse was going bald and looked pretty poorly, despite being bright and eagerly looking for a bolt hole. Mr Mouse Owner loved Mouse. Friend of Mr Mouse Owner, who may have been his carer or a relative, did not quite share the same level of affection, and thought Mouse should probably be put down.

There was only three things I remembered about mouse medicine from uni: respiratory disease, mammary tumors and mouse fur mite.

So despite Mr Mouse Owner’s companion strongly hinting that he thought the mouse should be euthanized, I talked them into spending a whole $6 on a skin scraping to try to identify mites.

For those of you that don’t know what a skin scraping is, you basically put a little oil on the skin and using a sterile, sharp scalpel blade scrape away the superficial and deep layers of skin. This is difficult enough on a wriggly dog, but on a wriggly little mouse was nearly impossible without damaging it. The mouse was barely bigger than the blade. Nevertheless, with help from a slightly confused nurse, we got our sample.

And we found our mites!

Hooray for a treatable diagnosis! Gosh, you wouldn’t believe how smart I felt at that stage.

The next step was finding some ivermectin to treat the mites. Our ivermectin only came in 1 liter bottles for dosing sheep, with dosages given in 50kg increments. It took a lot of maths and double checking to dilute the ivermectin correctly down to a fraction of a drop for little Mouse.

So after all the fuss, the test and the maths, I carefully administered one fraction of a diluted drop to the back of his neck, watched curiously by his owner, his friend muttering that they probably could have bought 30 new mice for the same price as this visit.

But Mouse got better. He was properly furred a month later.

So pay attention to your exotics notes if you’re about to graduate as a veterinarian. The older vets who feel they are 'out of practice’ will fob these patients off to you, and they’re equally as loved as their more common counterparts.


This is the most gripping shit I have ever seen. This dude is so into ants that every moment of moving his ants to a new terrarium is like the invasion of the fucking white walkers. There is terror. There is uncertainty. There is adversity and triumph. I have never been so invested in anything so fast as I was while watching this 20 minute long video about a guy trying to solve a mite problem for his pet ants. Subscribe to his channel. They’re all like this. Now that Game of Thrones is over you need something with this kind of drama. These kinds of stakes. This ant guy is all I care about now. 

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why do you hate bhb?

HWHO’S READY FOR ANOTHER NOVEL OF A POST? I KNOW I AM! (i’m supposed to be doing laundry rip, it can wait another day)

BHB reptiles is a reptile distributing and breeding company owned and operated by Brian Barczyk. It is most popular from its show “SnakeBytes”. In this show, he shows of his collection of upwards of 80,000 snakes and other reptiles. Throughout the show, you can see how he keeps his animals; most, if not all, are in improper conditions and in result to this, many are sick or mite infested. Though I’m honestly just going to list off all the reasons that I hate him and BHB because I haven’t slept in 2ish days and…. I’m not great at writing like this.

#1: He is horribly neglectful to his animals.

You can’t tell me that an alligator is happy living in a kiddie pool

Or that a GIANT snake such as a reticulated, african rock, or burmese is happy living in a tub so small that it takes up HALF of it.

And it’s not just giant animals that are in terrible tubs, most of his ball pythons and colubrids are in horribly small enclosures as well.

He is also guilty of buying animals without ANY research beforehand and those animals dying. Prime example is when he first tried getting into the leopard gecko business:

just listen about how he talks about them “this is my baby” to “gonna be pumpin out leopard geckos” like? No these are another form of free money to you…. even his WIFE knows that he kills animals.

I’m sure there’s more in this category that I’m forgetting, but… you get the point.

#2: He’s a scammer.

He may not sell his animals for the most money, but the animals he sells aren’t even worth THAT. There are countless reports of his animals showing up with RI’s, mites, and even incorrect gene listing. And when they contact him about this? He disappears or calls them “haters”. A prime example of this is this post:

I’m not incredibly clear on the whole scaleless ball python scandal, and probably someone could fill this in better, but from what I’ve gathered, he killed one of the scaleless ones and refuses to answer any questions about it.

He is also guilty for flipping animals. Most of his short tails he orders in then IMMEDIATELY offers them to sell for “discount” prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if these animals died from shock the second they got put in yet another box.

#3: He has the audacity to call himself the “face of the reptile trade”

As someone who has kept reptiles for over a decade and has spent a TON of hours volunteering to help people get over their fear of snakes, Brian’s “edutainment” is the worst thing I have ever seen. If you are trying to show people that snakes are not something to fear, DON’T HAVE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR VIDEOS BE VIDEOS OF YOU GETTING BITTEN BY SNAKES! This confirms people’s fears! He says that he wants to protect the reptile hobby, but by doing this he is ENDANGERING it. He’s trying to be the next Steven Irwin and is failing at it horribly……….

There’s probably more that I’ve missed. @i-m-snek has a great tag of all the failings of BHB, i believe its #bhb critical; definitely give it a look.

Ugh just…. I used to be a fan of snakebytes until i realized how terrible it is. They are essentially a puppy mill for reptiles. 0/10 would not recommend EVER.

Compresi immediatamente che lei era buona e mite. Le persone buone e miti non resistono a lungo, e pur non aprendosi mai del tutto, è come se non fossero in grado di sottrarsi alla conversazione: rispondono quasi a monosillabi ma più avanti si va più parlano.
—   Fëdor Dostoevskij, La mite