Why Mitch Kupchak owes me a "thank you" card

All sports fans have said half jokingly (but only half) at some point, “I could do a better job as GM than fill-in-the-blank.” Especially true for Minnesota Timberwolves fans, no doubt.

I might have said it about L.A. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak last year when he quite literally gave Lamar Odom away in a trade with the Dallas Mavericks. I might have meant it, then. Ironic, then, that that’s the trade that allowed the Lakers to ‘absorb’ Steve Nash’s new contract. Genius? Luck? (It’s luck.)

Whatever. As a Nash fan, I’m now a Laker fan. And SO excited.

Partly, because I’ve been daydreaming about this for a while.

I’m half joking when I say Kupchak owes me a thank you card. I’m sure he wasn’t reading my tweets and thinking, “YES! I should have thought of this!”

I mean, I’m mostly sure anyway.

First tweet: May 22ndJust throwing it out there.

June 21: Throwing it out there again after reading Ramon Sessions opted out of his Lakers contract.

June 30: Rooting against Toronto. Hoping LA was going to do the smart thing.

July 3: Hearing, for the first time, whispers about LA and Nash.

July 4: Starting to understand I was going to have to like the Raptors, but holding out hope.

July 4: Still sticking to the Kobe/Nash pipe dream. Not really hopeful.

July 4: Pretty sure Robert Sarver was going to be Robert Sarver, angrily tweeting to the universe.

(Also, that lead to an exchange with a rather angry Suns fan, culminating with him saying he hopes Nash breaks his leg and claiming this was worth than “The Decision” with LeBron.)

July 4: Excitedly missing the DC fireworks show. Nash is a Laker.

Do I really think Mitch Kupchak got the idea from me? Of course not. Well, probably not.

And I don’t really need a thank you card, but that would be fun.

Bottom line: I’m now a Lakers fan. A Kobe Bryant fan. And this next season is going to be so fun I’ve almost forgotten my beloved Dolphins start their season first.