B.A.P Live on Earth: US Attack has come and gone.  The wonderful stage clothes have stayed the same with one notable (and fashionable) exception, Yongguk’s amazing Mitchell&Ness X Harwood Classic’s vintage jerseys.

In New York he repped Knick’s power forward Carmelo Anthony, in Dallas power forward Dirk Nowitzki, for Chicago he rocked point guard Derrick Rose and in LA shooting guard Kobe Bryant. 

Mitchell&Ness X Harwood Classic jerseys are limited edition, and many of the ones Yongguk wore are sold out, but they range in price from $180-$300. They can be found on their website

☆ New York Photo: antrea-photo
☆ Dallas Photo: cd-young4ever
☆ Chicago Photo: Sugar Jellies
☆ Los Angeles Photo: wth_angeL