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get to know me: [1/5] favorite movies
➝ My Cousin Vinny (1992)

“Imagine you’re a deer. You’re prancin’ along, you get thirsty, you spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the cool, clear water…Then BAM! A fuckin’ bullet rips part of your head off! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask you: Would you give a fuck what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?!”


On this day in music history: August 13, 1977 - “Float On” by The Floaters hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 6 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the Hot 100 on September 17, 1977. Written by Arnold Ingram, James Mitchell and Marvin Willis, it is the biggest hit for the Detroit, MI based R&B vocal group. Formed in 1976 by former Detroit Emeralds lead singer James Mitchell (“You Want It, You Got It”, “Baby Let Me (Take You In My Arms)”, the group consists of Mitchell and his brother Paul, Larry Cunningham, Charles Clark and Ralph Mitchell (not related to James and Paul). Friends since childhood, all of the members grew up together in the Sojourner Truth housing project on the east side of Detroit. The idea for “Float On” comes to James in a dream, and finishes writing it with Arnold Ingram and Marvin Willis. Recorded at Pac 3 Studios in Detroit, the track features several prominent local musicians including former Funk Brothers Dennis Coffey (guitar) and Jack Brokensha (vibes). The nearly twelve minute long track is edited down to four minutes for single release, and issued in June of 1977. “Float On” is not only a huge R&B hit, but also becomes a huge crossover smash on both sides of the Atlantic, landing in the top five on the US pop chart and hitting number one on the UK singles chart. The song is also parodied by comedians Cheech & Chong for their single “Bloat On” (#41 Pop) in 1978. “Float On” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Santa this is what I want for Christmas. His name is Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes. He’s an idiotic nerd but for some reason I find him really funny and attractive. I promise I’ve been a very “good” girl this year. I’ll be so happy if you got me him. Okay thanks.


P.s. You can also get me Jerome Robert Aceti so I can put them in the closet together but that might be asking for too much. That’s all. 🎅

Team Crafted's Member: Mitchell

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I'm Only As Real As You Make Me -Prologue-

Here’s the official AU: Mitch was born a glitch and need love to stay in the human world. If no love was given, he would disappear into the other side of the world, through the rift. Here it goes! Enjoy!


It all started out easy. A simple life. The day of March the 3rd, 1994. It all started normal, the world quite. No wars anywhere around. Until the moment the first baby was born for the day. None of the family knew it, but this child, could be lost in no time if they weren’t careful.

The parents had decided to name him Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes. Mitch for short. He was born a glitch, meaning he needed love to survive. Being a glitch was a rare thing anymore, and they are mostly seen as outsiders, cast out from anything to do with normal world people. No one else shares a connection with the outside world, or the ones past the rift. The ones who are split and born glitched, like Mitch, are found weird and not normal.

Through Mitch’s baby life, he showed no signs of being a glitch. His family gave him all the love he needed to live and never glitched as if starting to go back through the rift. His parents soon had another child, however. This one was a daughter. He still needed love but the new baby needed more attention. Mitch felt shunned, as if they didn’t love him anymore. He began to glitch, and once his parents saw it, they got scared. They had to plan out time to spend with Mitch to keep him here, since they loved him very much, no matter what happened.

Then Mitch reached 4th grade. He hardly glitched anymore, and when he did, he was alone. As he sat in class, watching the teacher when the door opened. His eyes darted over to see a boy with brown eyes and very light brown hair, slightly grown out as if he was trying to get the long teen heart throb look. Mitch giggled and the boy looked over. The teacher told him to sit next to Mitch, which he did. He introduced himself as Jerome Aceti. Born just 6 days after Mitch on March the 9th 1994. It was like destiny. Mitch noticed Jerome had an oddly flat nose. Mitch smiled. It was almost like being glitched, like Mitch.

They were immediate friends. They told each other everything. Except one thing. Mitch said nothing about being a glitch. He was afraid to be shunned, like he was by the school, since a few saw him glitch and spread it around. Jerome had no idea though, and Mitch loved that. Mitch loved him. He realized this in about 8th grade, after 4 years being around him. He knew he loved Jerome and Jerome loved him because about this time, his parents gave up on him. They stopped loving him as much and so Mitch was left to feed off Jerome’s loved. That’s how he knew it was real.

In 9th grade, Mitch decided to show Jerome he was a glitch. He tried to explain that he was, but Jerome wanted proof. He didn’t seem to hate Mitch, just want proof. Mitch told Jerome to say he hated him. Jerome refused at first but eventually yelled that he hated him. Mitch flinched away and began to glitch out. Red spreading around him as he was being taken back through the rift. Jerome’s eyes widened and he hugged Mitch. He yelled that he loved him and he was sorry. Mitch stopped glitching and smiled, saying he knew and he loved him too. They starting dating that day.

At 18, Mitch left the house and moved in with Jerome, after Jerome asked him out in 9th grade, they had been dating since and moved in together right after high school. They both had youtube partnerships and made money together solely off youtube. They split the rent and utilities evenly. They’ve lived like this for a year.

Which brings me to today. Mitch and Jerome are both 19 now and have been dating for around 5 years. They’ve lived a happy life, but that was all about to change by one simple mistake. A few, to be exact. Jerome didn’t quite get how sensitive Mitch was, being a glitch and all, and needing his full divided love. He just didn’t get it. Mitch tried to explain to Jerome, but couldn’t get it across right. Jerome asked what he meant, but Mitch only gave one hint however.

“I’m only as real as you make me.”

Could this small hint help Jerome enough to keep Mitch real, or will he slip up make Mitch unreal?

over the garden wall fanmix #587934597

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into the unknown (music box) - unknown artist // exploration - bruno couralis // capsize - karen o and the kids // haunted - maya kern // come little children - hocus pocus // hey little songbird - anais mitchell // o, death - ralph stanley // promise what you will - iron and wine // for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti - sufjan stevens //

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <3 Meroe plz <3

Hello friend! I’m sorry it took so long!

Mitch isn’t known as a patient man.

There’s probably only a few things he can do - and Jerome has experienced some of these things that he can - and waiting is part of that very short list. When he watches movies with the option of the remote, he’ll skip to the end if he knows what’s gonna happen with the help of his friend Wikipedia. The few times he reads books, he skims the middle and quickly reads the last few pages.

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Merome: Something to Remember Me by


Warnings: angst, death.


Summary: Jerome pays a visit to an old friend.




I trudged up the grassy hill, my feet constantly catching on the gnarled, unkempt weeds.

At my pace, I soon reached the tall rod-iron fence and a eerie stone sign that read: Cemetery.

It was a cloudy day, maybe with the tiniest hints of rain, perfectly suiting the grim atmosphere for the home of the deceased.

The wind buffered me as I walked a meandering, loose gravel path, a bouquet of bright flowers in hand.
I chose my path skillfully, accustomed to this strange place from my routine visits.

I reached an all too familiar clearing where a lone tombstone stood. I drew a shuddering breath and grudgingly paced towards the grave.

It read in bold font:


Mitchell Donald-Ralph Hughes
Father, YouTuber, Best Friend


I held back a choked sob and gently ran my fingers over the engraved letters that were forever branded into my mind.

My fingers automatically snaked to my neck, where a glinting, silver dog-tag rested against my chest. A first anniversary gift from my lover, to match his. Engraved on it was my name and a heart.

My eyes were misty when I laid the bouquet on the tall grass, the bright colors seeming too cheery.

“H-hey buddy.” I whispered, to nobody in particular but Mitch.

My throat welled and I found it hard to talk. Clearing my throat, I continued

“I miss you so much.”

Already, my tears fell freely, I didn’t try to stop them. To distract myself, I attempted telling a story, some memories.

“I remember the first day I met you.” “The second day of fourth grade?” “You were all alone and I was too. Who knew you would become the idiot I love so much, huh?”

I gazed longingly at the gloomy sky.

“And remember the first time we went paint-balling, Mitch?”

Utter silence was the answer.

“You nailed me right in the balls, I was sore for an entire week.”

I chuckled, a cold and humorless laugh, wiping the mistiness from my eyes and sniffing.

“Do you remember the first time we met Adam irl?”

I was rewarded with more silence.

“He snuck into our hotel room with Ty and stuffed a juice box down our toilet.” I smiled a little at the memory.

I wanted Mitch so bad, to be here next to me, arms wrapped around each other, me sitting on his lap, fighting the impending depression together.

“And all those videos on YouTube where we joked about merome.”
I sobbed.

Quickly composing myself, I continued the memories.

“That amazing day we brought Betty home from the adoption center…”
I trailed off, my heart throbbing.

“I was ecstatic but you were the happiest dad in the world. You wouldn’t stop smiling for weeks.”

I wished I could see his beautiful smile now.

“Then there was that day.” Grief and guilt wormed into my heart.

“I don’t even remember what we were arguing about, it should’ve been important.”

“You slammed the front door and stormed off in your car.”

“I waited for you to come back. I was sorry. You always came back because you’re my best friend.”

Anguish registered on my face, recalling this horrible day.

“I got a call from the hospital after a hour. They said you had gotten yourself into a car accident.”

“I called Betty’s babysitter and raced to the hospital.”

I sank to my knees in defeat.

“I-I was never fast enough.” “You died before I even reached the hospital, I didn’t even have a chance.”

My voice broke and I grasped the clumps of grass on the ground tightly.

“I never got to say sorry.”

“Maybe if I was faster, maybe if I had just taken Betty with me instead of calling her babysitter.”

Regret filled my voice.

“It’s all my fault, Mitch.”

“I don’t know how to live anymore without you but I can’t leave Betty here alone.”

My tears dripped onto the tombstone, deepening the gray.

“If I had one last chance, I would’ve made things right. I would’ve held your hand, hugged you and told you that you meant the world to me.”

I was venting almost a year’s worth of guilt, agony and regrets. My tears cutting trails on my face.

“God dammit Mitchell.” “Why did you leave me so early?” I banged my hand against the hard stone to no avail but bruised fingers.

“You said we would be there for each other. Forever and always.”

“Mitch, I love you so much biggums.” I used our old nicknames.

I almost expected an answer but was greeted with that awful silence again.

I could imagine him here next to me, draping his strong arms around my shoulders, resting his head on mine, keeping me warm.

I hesitantly rose from the ground, running a hand through my dark hair now streaked with gray.

“I guess this is good-bye now, buddy.” “I’m sorry.”

I gave the grave a lingering touch and walked back on the same gravel path, my shoulders drooping. I wish he had heard everything.

As i turned, I felt a strange tingling sensation on my upper arm. Almost like a touch, leaving warm trails all over my arm and shoulder. I almost faintly smell Mitch’s signature cologne, or was I hallucinating?

No. It couldn’t be. The moment while the wind stopped howling, I heard a distinct voice. Warbled and distorted but unmistakably the deep, pleasant voice of my lover. It sent delightful chills down my spine.

“It’s okay. I love you too… biggums.”