mitchell lane


Firstly, I’m guessing maybe that Mitchell is one of Lane’s twins, but who is blondie?

Secondly, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE FASHION. Like, I know they always dressed, em, eccentrically but Rory - that headband should be illegal. I’m praying its all part of the Hippy commune plot for Rory’s sake…

Also, going off their clothes, I’m thinking this is probably from Spring/Summer..?


Ben Folds Five - Mitchell Lane


Stunning video of swimmer Mitch Larkin

PICK TEN OCs(state gender):

Honestly this should go without saying 8I

1. Ciaran - Male
2. Corey - Male
3. Jar - Male
4. Jar Mon - Male
5. Chewy - Male
6. Scaleything - Male
7. Tailwind - Male*
8. Karma - Male
9. Lane - Male
10. Mitchel - Male

Let the “fun” begin!

Everyone is going to a dance. 1 (Ciaran) goes with 2 (Corey), 3 (Jar) with 4 (Jar Mon), 5 (Chewy) with 6 (Scaleything) , etc. Are any of these pairings perfect? Are any too messed up to even consider?
Everybody appears to be fine????

4 (Jar Mon) leaves the dance floor and does not return. When 3 (Jar) goes to look for him/her, he/she finds 4 (Jar Mon) making out with 8 (Karma)! What happens?
Karma: *licks his lips*
Jar: If you say so?

While those three are occupied, what’s happening on the dance floor?
Chewy: *trying to eat everybody*
Corey: *stopping Chewy from eating everybody*
Ciaran: *almost getting eaten by Chewy*
Scaleything: *hypnotized by ALL OF THE PRETTYFUL LIGHTS ;O;*
Tailwind: *spacing out*
Mitchel: *probably having a seizure from ALL OF THE LIGHTS*
Lane: *has probably left the dance already or is standing off to the side*

Did 3 (Jar) and 4 (Jar Mon) make up?
Sure, why not? 8D

What’s going through 8 (Karma)’s head?

Okay, so forget about the dance. If 7 (Tailwind)+5 (Chewy)=x, describe x.

1 (Ciaran) has to marry 2 (Corey), 3 (Jar), or 9 (Lane). Who do they choose? Why?
Probably Corey. Jar is OTP somewhere else and Lane is… Lane.

6 (Scaleything) thinks 1 (Ciaran) and 10 (Mitchel) belong together. Describe the conversation when 1 and 10 find out.
Mitchel: [laughing while singing] You belong with me, belong with me~
Ciaran: *blushing*

5 Chewy) is hired to babysit the children of 2 (Corey), 4 (Jar Mon), 8 (Karma), and 1 (Ciaran). How does it go?
Chewy eats them all. /them all/
… except for Karma’s supposed child. maybe.

What do these kids look like?
how am i supposed to know they’re all gay “DDDDDDDDDDD
(except corey maybe?????? he’s too far removed from this to know “D)

If 9 could kiss anyone in this meme, who would they choose?
Probably scaleything, since that’d result in the least complications “D

What would happen if 7 (Tailwind) walked in on 3 (Jar) and 6 (Scaleything) having sex?
*stares at them all blankly bc he is not supposed to deal with this?? what is happening??*

What does 2 (Corey) do when their plumbing fails?
What plumbing? Corey does not use running water 8I Probably ignore it. He doesn’t stay in any one settlement for longer than a couple days honestly

Why does 6 (Scaleything) fear 7 (Tailwind)?
He is so intimidating D:

Some strange magic is veiled over the world(s) these OCs inhabit, and all are now the opposite gender. Write about what happens. If all of your OCs have something that allows them to be resistant to this magic, write about them finding a starving wombat.
Corey: *shrugs it off and continues kicking (probably Chewy’s) ass* ((… i’m not even sure if this is legit or not “DDD))
Jar: ;s?
Jar Mon: DDDD8<
Chewy: *continues trying to eat people*
Scaleything: *continues dragoning*
Tailwind: D:?
Karma: >;)
Lane: *probably freaks out internally but refuses to let it show*
Mitchel: Heck yes TIME TO MAKE MILKSHAKES (and bring all the boys to the yard~)

If 8 (Karma) was dying and only 3 (Jar) could save them, would they? Why or why not?
Jar: Of course! D: Why wouldn’t I if I could?

Does 2 (Corey) like cats?
Cats like Corey. Corey does not feel affinity with Cats.

18. Any final words? Oh, I’ll remove my gender-bend spell now…