mitchell davies

TV Shows on Netflix with LGBT+ Characters!

• Pretty Little Liars – (lesbian/trans representation)
• Thirteen Reasons Why – (gay/lesbian representation) (tws: suicide, r*pe)
• MTV Scream – (bicurious/sexual representation) (tws: murder, ptsd)
• Chasing Life – (bisexual representation) (tws: cancer)
• Black Mirror: San Junipero – (lesbian representation)
• Jane the Virgin – (subtle lesbian representation)
• Reign – (subtle lesbian/gay representation)
• Arrow – (bisexual representation)
• The Fosters – (lesbian representation)


And here we are again. I can’t believe this project is still going after four years. This is the longest relationship i’ve ever been in now. I’m sharing my life with the internet and it feels so good. Even though you may not notice from just a second but this is the story of me. I’m starting to share things I’d normally shy away from. We are growing up together, I can tell. I’m up to twenty four minutes. Let’s make a movie.  

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             C   A   S   T      O  F       C    H    A    R    A    C    T    E    R    S

                created by   J.J.  A b r a m s  &  D a m o n  L i n d e l o f f 

                                                  and  Jeffrey Leiber